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  1. There could be a couple reasons as to why you can't access your account: 1. Ensure you've verified your account via email 2. Ensure you've entered the correct credentials to log in 3. Double check that you haven't received a login verification code in your email/spam folder. If all else fails, contact a Site Admin directly
  2. If you yourself are running the server with MCGalaxy as a software, there is a "classicube-account-plus" setting in the server.properties configuration file to enable or disable the visible '+' on accounts. If you're not hosting the server, there's likely not much you can do... especially if it is both a Betacraft and ClassiCube server.
  3. Hello, you've reached Panda from the ClassiCube Finding Andrew TM Squad. Unfortunately we are disposed at this time as John ClassiCube is holding a coup against he who does not exist. Please stand by for further updates.
  4. What is the name of the server you're playing on? We might be able to direct you to the owner for questions.
  5. Please see the responses to the following post:
  6. Assuming you're using a build of MCGalaxy for your server, you could use /texture global <url to texture> to set a texture across all maps on your server.
  7. Please ensure that you're checking the email that you've created your ClassiCube account with and check your spam folders in the case that the email was filtered.
  8. Please read this in its entirety prior to posting @Whatever__ - complaining about your ban simply leads to another ban.
  9. Although this does sound like a bug on the New Blood Zombie Survival server, this is not the best place to report it. If you have screenshots of this incident, please feel free to DM me the images on Discord via ProBboy#0001. For future reference the New Blood Community forums are: https://newbloodcommunity.boards.net/
  10. To my knowledge there aren't and developer "jobs" to earn pay but you're always more than welcome to submit Pull Requests to the MCGalaxy repository with improvements and clean code if you'd like to contribute - this will build your trust and show your commitment to the community. Additionally, if you're needing access to the ClassiCube staff page, please click the following link
  11. I'll leave you with some advice from previously hosting the original MCCH off my home PC for a few years. DO NOT share console access with a single other person. The only methods of sharing access to your console would be to hand over full remote-access permissions to your computer which is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Would you give your sibling or friend the password and full access to your smart phone at any time? No. Would you hand over the information to your bank account to the pizza guy that comes to your house even though you "trust him"? No. Handing over console access is ASKING for file ownership issues, users snooping through your personal data, and malware to be installed on your PC. Additionally, Nominatus is a staff member on your server and has recently been caught spreading malware. Please heed this advice. I have no desire to participate in your server or to give you false advice. Please be safe with your internet and hosting practices.
  12. Panda

    /staff command.

    You're correct, the command displays all users with the LevelPermission higher than that of AdvBuilder (how I have moderation setup on my MCCH Official Server). Users can change that value to Operator if their permissions are different on their own servers.
  13. Panda

    /staff command.

    Good luck, have fun: https://github.com/brycemthompson/McClassic-ClassiCube-Plugins-Cmds/blob/main/MCGalaxy/Plugins/Staff.cs
  14. Panda

    Custom model help.

    Good luck, have fun: https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels
  15. Since people continue replying on this thread and not providing very good advice, I'll provide mine. If an adult or user in any ClassiCube server is speaking inappropriately to you as a minor (under 18 years of age), requesting pictures or videos, or any personal information that could reveal your identity - even if they're pushing you hard for it - don't give out your information and speak to a trusted adult. These trusted adults include your server owners (if you're using a hosting service, this would be your server host) and the ClassiCube administration team (123, Andrew, Goodly). These people are here to keep you safe, so please know your outlets.
  16. Panda

    Plugins problem

    A lot to unload here... only doing this because I'm procrastinating studying: 1. It sounds like the plugin code itself has an error that you'll need to fix on line 7. 2. There are not .cc files. I think you meant Parties.cs (if that is what your plugin file name is called). Solution: Fix the syntax errors in your plugin and rerun the compilation & load commands with the proper plugin file name.
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