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  1. actually yes, thanks everyone, i actually never knew i could just use mono to use such programs lmao. "dumb dumb dumb stoobid" - barney86, 2024
  2. welcome to classicube, duh some admin might be just trolling you or even just a friend, just direct connect and set a nickname simmilar or even same nickname. ez.
  3. why would you... ...in google classroom
  4. barney86

    Doom 1993

    that has been done 4 years ago you dumb dumb although good idea to make a server for doom in cc >)
  5. Some servers often lag like this. Try reconnecting a few times. Often the server is just down or you internet is, so be sure to check that. Are you running using direct connect? Your server might've just moved to a different port.
  6. thanks for replying! probably it's just me sucking at using wine tbh, i have installed mono yet no program that needs net/mono recognises it. btw when survival mode
  7. Hi everyone! Nerd barney here. Recently got invited to this game by a friend who has a great server, and I really love this game, but hence the situation in Ukraine, I can't always join his server which is genuinely the only way I can enjoy this game. I wanted to make my own server to just play with any stranger hopping on. Of course, I already have some experience in hosting - TFC and DMC my beloved, but sadly I didn't find any normal dedicated server software that matches good with me - MCGalaxy is Windows-only, and as a Xubuntu user it's a 0% match, even using Wine and even Mono. Other use hard for me languages like JS or dear god node. The only option I found - writing my own engine - and this is how greek legends about pushing a boulder start - after turning the internet upside down (probably because of my laziness) I couldn't find any documentation how CC servers work, and learning how they work by reading other engine code is just SM64 decompilation level madness. So, is there any documentation or at least a quick explanation any of y'all have? Thanks!
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