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  1. You can play minecraft servers in s-0.30 (survival mode). You can't play surival mode on classicube
  2. Hello there! Classicube client doesn't have any survival mode The only possible thing is to join a multiplayer server on survival mode or be on singleplayer Here's a screenshot of multiplayer survival mode The only impossible thing is to get survival mode on classicube and/or join classicube servers on survival mode
  3. So, if you didn't know what server was the one I got dupliacted. Its Classicalnuts you can find in on Classicube server list and also Betacraft server list
  4. Today i was playing a Minecraft Classic (Not classicube) server, then I realized everyone except me were using classicube. I was very confused seeing non-operator people flying aroud like if it was nothing and since i was on minecraft, I couldnt fly. Then I realized they were using Classicube and I asked myself: "How did they join on Classicube?" Then icanttellyou told me that the same server is also on Classicube's server list. I was more confused on how they could send heartbeat to two separate places. Another player told me the server had a "Dual heartbeat", then an idea got into my head. Since my minecraft account and classicube account have separate names i joined on both minecraft and classicube to the same server and I went nuts.
  5. Hi, the server is dead and open right now, it might be closed again due to inactivity
  6. i haven't turned on the server a long ago
  7. Server name: Server is available for: - Internet browser - Downloaded classicube - Android Classicube
  8. The server has started on a backup before the flood
  9. Today, I made a new server that is a survival server and it got very funny If you are going to join you need to know this: - Player "doki" flodded the old main world - Use /craft to craft - There were portals that take you to different worlds (but got destroyed) - The crafting table is useless - The server is I have no screenshots because I closed the server before realizing it
  10. So I own two servers and I need to know how to be able to make the players be able to chat between the two servers maybe a plugin, maybe code. I need to know
  11. If you invert cobblestone's texture. You'll get endstone
  12. what version of server and software you use ?
  13. (If you won't add textures skip to step 3) Requirements: - Copy paste knowledge - Acces to classicube files - A program to open .zip files - paint.net or gimp (Don't use Microsoft paint /3D or the transparency will be gone from the entire image) - A classicube server with /gb or /lb and textures (in my case I use MCGalaxy) Step 1: Creating the texture First, you need to get the textures to be able to modify them. Go to the folder where all your classicube files are. There try to find a folder named: In there is a file named: Copy the file and paste it into your desktop or anywhere else that is not in the classicube files. Open with the program you use to open .zip file. There, try to find and extract the file from . Open and start editing. To create a new texture replace with the texture/textures you will add (If you will add an animation read to understand how to add animations work) After adding the texture save the changes and takeagain inside in and upload to google drive or anything else Step 2: Enable the textures Go to you server's files In your server's files go to and in the folder find Open the file and find: Set the url with the url of the place you uploaded Start the server and join your server Step 3: Block creation The server will ask you if you want to use their textures. If not, press F10 to check if the textures are enabled To add the block in a specific level use /lb. To add the block in the entire the server use /gb then use /gb add then /gb (name of the block) then /gb 0 if it is a solid block like stone or type /gb 1 if its a sprite like flowers It will ask for textures of the block. To know wich texture is wich press F10. Each one has its own texture id EXAMPLE: The bedrock texture has an ID of 17 The other things /gb will explain to you Reply to this if you need help
  14. The server is ON and has 4 players currently so you can join easily with no lag at all
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