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  1. Yeah I love Crimebooks, they are so much better than Chromebooks!
  2. chromebooks are not the only affordable laptop. there are much better laptops that you could get for the same/similar price of a chromebook.
  3. oh damn i never saw that botting before. someone probably went mad with vpns there I just had a look and it's at https://www.classicube.net/acc at the bottom of the page.
  4. You should probably post this on the ClassiCube Github page instead
  5. The server still shows up for me, I'm not sure what's going on there. It must be an issue on your end. I've never seen any botting on that server either.
  6. you gotta love it when people post on the forums asking for help and they never respond when people attempt to help them
  7. I have an old 15 year old computer that can run ClassiCube at 75fps. My 12 year old MacBook Pro can run at 150fps+ on most servers. I cannot comprehend how a laptop could be so bad to get 23fps, on ClassiCube of all things. edit: that computer is 19 years old, not 15
  8. Just replace your skin with a Steve skin It will technically reset your skin, but not really.
  9. Completely wiping and reinstalling the OS will probably do it some good. You should also see what type of RAM that is installed in the computer. If it's an older type of ram (such as DDR or DDR2), the computer may benefit from an upgrade to a newer type of ram. DDR3 or DDR4 would probably be fine. edit: your cpu only supports DDR3. use that Installing a graphics card would most likely make it a slight bit faster too, when running games. The integrated graphics in the CPU may be letting the machine down. If the computer still has a HDD (Mechanical Hard Drive), upgrading it to an SSD will certainly make it much faster. Doing this simple step of adding an SSD can save many old and slow computers, however others not as much; it's always worth a try though as it will always somewhat increase the performance on any computer.
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