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  1. Chromebook kid conversion therapy lets goooooo 👀 good luck kid go get a Windows machine and make us proud
  2. So I just started a new server and I can't connect on my desktop client but the server works fine in my Browser. The server's open, I UPnP port forwarded, I can see my server on the Servers List, and I can use the generated hash to connect to the server, but whenever I try connecting on the client it says "You failed to connect to the server. It's probably down!" (also it works fine through Direct Connect but connecting through DC works even if I'm not online so that's not a really good way to tell if its working correctly i think) Is something wrong with my network? Did I forward my port incorrectly? Or is it something like other people can connect to my server through the Server List except me because I'm hosting the server on my computer? Help? Please? I'm running MCGalaxy btw!
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