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  1. You need TEN_BIT_BLOCKS conditional compilation symbol.
  2. If you are using the web client: Use /client cleardenied, then rejoin the server and make sure you download its texture pack when asked. If you are using desktop client: repeat the above steps, and make sure you have chosen "Enhanced" mode from the game launcher.
  3. Ok, find a better texture pack that has properly repeating cloud texture then?
  4. You need to fix the rotation origin points. https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels/wiki#information-part-2-pivot-points
  5. No, it uses custom textures. You can just replace them manually with the OG textures after you get the steam edition though.
  6. The old man is a "/tempbot" meaning it won't show up in /bots because it's only seen by you. It looks like the code that spawns the old man in main somehow got triggered while you were in your map, which meant the old man appears in your map at the coordinates he normally spawns in main.
  7. You should be able to do /punload rainbow, then /pcompile rainbow, then /pload rainbow to fix it.
  8. It's rainbow chat plugin. There's currently no updated version, so you'll just have to remove it.
  9. Find the plugin the error is coming from and update that plugin (by getting it again from github), or remove it if no update is available. Also, posting the full error from logs would be helpful.
  10. Copy and paste functionality. Select the area, ctrl + c, ctrl + v to paste into another image. Controls vary per-program, but it's not hard to figure out.
  11. There's no way to automatically "merge" 2 textures. You must use image editing software to put them together into one image, then use that on your model.
  12. Change bedrock (id 7) to collide 0. /os lb edit 7 collide 0 You can also make it look like the edge has nothing with /os env water air /os env bedrock air
  13. Goodly

    /mb Messages

    Use Not Awesome Script to create a series of msg Actions separated by delay Actions in order to time the dialogue. Use the "@nick" token to substitute for your nickname so it appears you are speaking. msg [email protected]: %7Hi! There are 2 commands you need to know to navigate this server: delay 1000 msg [email protected]: %e/main %7to get back to this main map and %e/goto %7to get to other maps. delay 2000 msg [email protected]: %7Try %e/goto info %7for other useful tidbits. delay 1000 If you are on Not Awesome 2, you can use /oss (/help oss) If you're on your own server, you need to install the plugin and then use either /script or /oss
  14. Assuming this is NA2, if you need another world to start a project then just ask staff for a rank-up.
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