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  1. Goodly

    i need builders

    Note: this user has not produced any maps that have been used as mains in NA2.
  2. Goodly

    A question

    No, unfortunately there is not. Your client saves chat logs from servers you visit, though, and each chat log has the server name.
  3. Goodly

    Help mE

    You can also use /cm visit public to see custom player made models, if the server supports custom model plugin.
  4. Goodly

    Is NA2 Down

    Not sure if you're trolling, but it isn't down. Also this thread is like two months old. Don't reply to threads if they aren't relevant anymore.
  5. Goodly

    Plugin help?

    This fork has severe issues; mainly, all the blocks had their "shadow" property set to false so there's no shadows anymore, which breaks grass growing and looks awful.
  6. Goodly

    Plugin help?

    No one has developed mobs for NAS. The community is very small and doesn't have very many programmers who are interested in survival, so it is unlikely to happen unless you do it or hire someone else to.
  7. https://www.classicube.net/acc supports uploading skins up to 8x the resolution of normal Minecraft skins. If that's not high enough resolution, MCGalaxy also offers the /skin command, which lets you set your own skin to an arbitrary .png image url (only in the server you used the command in, of course).
  8. Now do it without liquid blocks.
  9. If you don't have access to the server files (host/owner), you can't do this. However, if you do... Map backups are located at levels\backups\[level_name]\[number]
  10. https://github.com/Moresteck/BetaCraft-Launcher-Java/releases/tag/1.09_14
  11. Goodly

    More FPS

    Why do you want more FPS? Your monitor probably can't display more than 60. anyway. Sup christofu.
  12. Are you playing singleplayer, or multiplayer? And, if multiplayer, what server? Make sure you didn't turn off "use CPE" and "custom blocks" in nostalgia options.
  13. Play using Enhanced mode, chosen from launcher options. Classic mode does not include rope.
  14. This is not true. ClassiCube client supports opening .cw, .lvl, .fcm, and .dat worlds natively. It is likely that something is wrong (or highly unusual) about the .lvl file Smappy is attempting to load. Providing the file would probably help to resolve the issue.
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