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  1. go to https://www.classicube.net, sign in, click your name on the top right, scroll down, upload skin, save.
  2. You cannot hide ranks using MCGalaxy. Not sure what you mean by [administrator]. That sounds like a rank prefix which can be configured from properties/ranks.properties. The default is to have no rank prefixes.
  3. There is no way to remove your skin unfortunately.
  4. You are confusing the hosting service (think: an actual computer somewhere that costs electricity to run) with the server software (think: an .exe file you can click on that computer to run the ClassiCube server)
  5. I'm making an assumption on the OP's part that they actually wanted to disable all hacks. -fly and -noclip still allow speed and high jumping which is likely not what they intended.
  6. /os map motd -hax /help map motd
  7. Are you using the desktop or web client? Looks like the textures didn't download
  8. Goodly

    Arm Sway

    The arm in first person has never moved while idle. Swaying while moving the camera was implemented years after Minecraft Classic, so it was not implemented in ClassiCube.
  9. "mobs" is a super vague term, but there are is no way to add fightable monsters, which I assume is what you're asking. You can only add decorative entities like Umbreo said.
  10. I don't know if it helps you at all, but I very commonly run into this situation myself where such a feature would be useful. My solution is to first type that player's name in chat on its own, then ctrl + c to copy it to clipboard, then perform all the commands I need with their name ready to paste multiple times.
  11. The username is the account. All of their data is tied to the username and you must use the username when targeting them with commands. A nickname is something you can give to players which changes what their name looks like when they talk in chat. For instance you could do /nick matelo2 ClassiCuber And in chat if you talk it goes: ClassiCuber: Hi But you still need to do /tp matelo2 as a command example.
  12. You should also make sure to provide images of the texture pack when you post them. This helps people to see if they want to download it or not. By the way, I have moved your post from "Tutorials" to "ClassiCube Central" as tutorials was not the correct place to put a texture pack.
  13. /clones [name] will list all of the accounts that currently share IPs with [name]. By the way, it's not showing "nicks" it is showing their usernames.
  14. Goodly

    how do I use /ma?

    "/ma" is a shortcut for "/mark all" All "mark all" does is click at the coords 0 0 0 in the map then click at the coords on the other side of the map (e.g. 127, 127, 127), effectively marking the entire map. If you're playing in Not Awesome 2, you do not need to use /ma after /fixgrass because it automatically fixes the entire map. If you're playing anywhere else, you should use /ma after you use /fixgrass to mark the entire map. If you're playing on Not Awesome 2 and you want to only fix a specific area, use /fixgrassarea
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