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  1. Goodly


    ClassiCube is based on minecraft classic, which did not have beds. With enhanced Classicube features, servers can make custom blocks to build beds with, but they aren’t included by default.
  2. Google how to port forward. The process is different based on which router you have. We can't really help you with it since you and/or your family have access to the information you need to actually do it. Also, to answer the initial question... not being able to connect to your own server is not a port forwarding issue. You can use the desktop client to join your own server even if it's not port forwarded, if you read the instructions from here https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy
  3. It's not possible without a custom command, since the player would have to be able to give themselves awards for it to work. But to answer your question of how to trigger a command when they fall, you have to add a layer of message blocks. /help mb If they fall fast, you may need to add more than one layer to make sure they trigger it.
  4. You used the wrong model template to start with. If you want the model to work with all skin types, you need to use 64x64THICKarm.bbmodel. I should really just delete the other templates since they always get misused
  5. Goodly


    You should use your original account.
  6. /award is a different command from /reward
  7. Goodly


    I refuse to believe a double neo is possible without footage. Also, as for difficult jumps, try this one. (jump from the sign to "2")
  8. Place red wool (ID 21) and it will act as the tracks for the train. Then, to allow it to move, change physics to 1. Either /os map physics 1, or /physics 1 Make sure that you do not fill in the corners of the tracks, otherwise the train has a chance to turn around on accident. If you want to use a block besides red as the rails, then you can use /blockprops to change the "rails" property to true on another block. For example: /blockprops level wood rails true or: /os blockprops wood rails true
  9. Use /help build to see all of MCGalaxy's building commands. Screenshots go in the "screenshots" folder next to ClassiCube.exe
  10. There's a difference between "posting stuff that's funny" and "singling out and bullying a kid who can't spell".
  11. Can you elaborate on what restrictions need bypassing? If you're running into a limit of how many blocks you can modify at once, you can change it using console with /help limit
  12. It's possible if you know how to code. To install: Read the README.md lower down on the page
  13. There is no functionality like this included in the base MCGalaxy, but you can find or write a plugin that does it. Here are some public example plugins: https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins Reward.cs is the closest to doing what you described, though it just gives money.
  14. /botadd youirl /skin bot youirl $skin
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