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  1. Goodly

    ReduxCloud 2

    The app you used to brighten it left the edges darker. Meaning there will be obvious dark lines when the clouds repeat. You should use something else to edit them.
  2. Goodly

    /staff command.

    Am I correct in reading this code that this displays everyone with the rank advbuilder or higher? Shouldn't it at least default to operator?
  3. Welcome to classicube! I’m assuming you’re in single player since you mentioned flooding. Sponges clear an area of water when you place them which should be the fastest way to remove water. There is also a hax setting called “breakable liquids” (esc menu) that allows you to break water directly by making water target-able. Finally, there is also an option in i believe misc settings menu that allows you to turn off water flooding entirely by stopping block physics.
  4. Check here for a description of all of them. Also, I forgot that you have to include Server. before the VERSION_0020 in my hypothetical plugin. like if (p.ProtocolVersion != Server.VERSION_0020)
  5. You're right, I forgot that the client actually sends different protocol versions. I was thinking about how classic versions didn't send an AppName, but that's not needed to tell the difference in this case. So basically it is possible, with a simple plugin. You can copy the KickNoCC plugin and modify it so that instead of checking p.appName, it can check if (p.ProtocolVersion != Server.VERSION_0020) then p.Leave and set p.cancellogin to true
  6. Unless 20-23a implements unique network behavior compared to other versions, this is impossible
  7. Goodly

    Plugins problem

    It would help if you told us where you got this plugin from.
  8. Looks like you should probably just use UnknownShadow200's solution then, WoM sounds a bit too much of a hassle for you. If you really wanted to try WoM though I'd recommend trying to install java if you haven't already, or if you have, get java 6 specifically
  9. Could you have given a less helpful response? lol Did you download WoM from the link I provided? If so, can you provide a picture of the menu it brings up?
  10. No account is required if joining your own local server. Enter any username you wish then enter the port and hit "Go"
  11. Join the level, with WoM client, then dump the level with the button on the top left. It will appear as a .dat in the WoM directory.
  12. MCGalaxy is multiplayer servers. You cannot make doors in singleplayer.
  13. There are no doors in singleplayer. /door only works in MCGalaxy (or MCLawl-based) servers.
  14. Aha, you got an error? that means something went wrong.
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