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  1. do you know how to create a custom command?
  2. No. We need every 12 year old and under to ask their mom what "fuck" means, so that their mom promptly realizes they should stop using the fucking internet unsupervised.
  3. you should read the wiki which is linked in that post name the part spiny:1 for example
  4. Goodly

    Banned Users

    Servers you play on can choose to ban just your account, or just your ip, or both. ClassiCube itself can also do this if you break the terms of service or do something illegal.
  5. Aleks just gave it to you: https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels
  6. don’t name the head cube “head”
  7. stand where you want the checkpoint. /place checkpoint (it is an invisible block named checkpoint)
  8. /lb copy [id] /gb copy [id] local or global
  9. /blockprops global [id] door true /blockprops level [id] door true Global is for the global block list and level is only for that level. All of that ID will become a door. So make a clone of the block if you want to keep a version that isn't always a door.
  10. Goodly

    Help Portals

    You need to have /os go in a message block. so no matter who touches it, it goes to their own realm. For example /mb water /os go
  11. /nick bot [botname] Click Me! on Not Awesome 2: /botnick [botname] Click Me!
  12. Sounds like a placebo.
  13. Slow the speed of what? You can change all sorts of things if you modify your own client.
  14. For the benefit of readers, a "neo" jump is the same as what Mason is referring to as a "Mid-air strafe." A double neo would be that but two solid blocks between. - You don't reach maximum walk speed instantaneously, but there is a very quick buildup before hitting max speed, so if you jump right as you begin pressing forward you won't go as far. Take a small amount of time to walk the direction you want to jump before jumping for maximum distance. Not sure what you need to know about head hitters. They are possible, you just need to jump at the very last moment. Strafing doesn't make any difference as to how far you can move (the movement vectors produced by WASD are normalized), though it may assist you in neo jumps if you can't do it with screen-turning alone. Collide boxes are always cuboid shape and do not rotate, so you can use this info to understand a bit about what angles you need to take when jumping. As for double neos, these are just not possible with the default speed you can move at in ClassiCube.
  15. This is actually a fun idea. Could be useful for roleplays where one person takes control of various bots to act as live NPCs. I don't think anyone has written a command that can do that at the moment though.
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