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  1. The problem with "Herobrine vs Saviorsaltwater" is that if you've played Minecraft: Story Mode, you'd know that Herobrine is actually just a shadow nightmare version of Saviorsaltwater that is by definition a more powerful and evil version of him. Asking "which one would win" is not only pointless, but it also shows a deep lack of media literacy as the entire point of Herobrine is that it's a metaphor for Saviorsaltwater's trauma and guilt over what happened during the gimp war. In a situation like this, no one can be a winner. If Herobrine defeats Saviorsaltwater, that destroys the very thing that gives it any meaning to begin with, leaving it as an empty reflection without a reflector. On the other hand, Saviorsaltwater can never truly win against Herobrine because, like in real life, PTSD is something you cannot completely destroy. You can only learn to live with it.
  2. What is WorldModify? If this is singleplayer, there is no way to unflood the world aside from turning block physics off (in misc options) and loading an older copy. If this is multiplayer (MCGalaxy), you can use /replaceall 10 air
  3. Please use /help spawner and read thoroughly
  4. Use https://garbage.loan/ to upload ClassiCube skins with short urls
  5. Forums are not for ban appeals.
  6. The problem is that you didn't apply the custom skin when you wore the model. The texture you see in the blockbench window is completely incidental to the actual in-game model and won't be uploaded along with the model If you want to use a custom texture on a model that is not your ClassiCube skin, you can use `/skin` Generally speaking, you should set "useshumanskin" option to false if the model is not meant to work with a default human model skin. What this will do is make the model not use your ClassiCube skin by default, and instead it requires you to use `/skin ` If useshumanskin is false, using `/cm wear [model]` will also automatically apply the skin you've set with `/cm config [model] defaultskin`
  7. We need to be able to download your model in order to definitively troubleshoot what went wrong. Can you upload it somewhere? My guess: You are using "uv rotation" feature, which isn't supported in ClassiCube models.
  8. Do you see an error in chat when the game tries to download the textures? We can't guess how to solve it without seeing any error message. Also, did you accidentally say "no" when asked to download the textures? /client cleardenied will solve this
  9. I'd recommend Cave Story, it's a free side-scrolling shooter game released for free to widespread critical acclaim.
  10. I wrote a guide for you here: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/wiki/Custom-textures Feel free to ask if there's anything that needs clarifying in the guide.
  11. That would be pointless, like AndrewPH already said: "New blocks aren’t added because of the capability for any server to add arbitrary blocks making it pointless to add hardcoded blocks."
  12. What type of content would you expect to see? keep in mind survival features from minecraft are off the table.
  13. It's hosted here https://static.classicube.net/default.zip
  14. Go here: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/tree/master/Uploads Download MCGalaxy_infid.dll and rename it to MCGalaxy_.dll Shut down your server and replace the existing MCGalaxy_.dll with the one you just renamed. Turn on your server again. You will now have 767 blocks.
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