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Found 4 results

  1. i made this texture pack ........ i do not know what to say now...... Random weird pak.zip
  2. I guess the textures are too bright, so I guess we should go for something a bit more StagStyle. What is that you're saying? StagStyle doesn't work on Not Awesome 2? Well... I've got a solution... Oompa Staggo Style! Come and get it here! stagstylena2.zip If you want to download the original for servers with classic textures or for singleplayer use, go here: https://f.classicube.net/topic/353-stag-style!
  3. Just a simple texture pack that changes the default texture to 1.15+ ones. To install just put "Modernified.zip" in your texpacks folder. Not for use on NA2. Tested on ClassiCube 1.1.7 and newer. Download: https://bit.ly/2FStHl8
  4. This texture pack makes all (non-custom) blocks transparent except for the borders. This was an old texture pack i made some time ago. For ClassiCube 1.1.8 and newer Not for use on NA2. Download: Direct Link Image:
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