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Found 4 results

  1. Feel free to use it. future.zip
  2. A Unofficial Faithful 32x port for Classicube by zoeybarz. Royalty³ is a Unofficial fan-made port of the iconic Minecraft Faithful 32x texture pack built for Classicube, it enhances Classicube's default texture pack to be upscaled to 32 pixels in scale and accurate and unique to CC's default textures that features the Minecraft classic textures with exclusive block textures. About: (1.0 version screenshots, one or few textures may not represent the current product). This texture pack features the new and tweaked Vattic Programmer Art textures from the Classic Faithful team that improves and cleans up the old iconic F32X textures up to modern standards, any modification on this texture pack yet to release does not have to gain permission when the person follows the guidelines of use of their textures and more, check credits and the FAQ for more details. Also click here and check out the Archive.org page for Royalty³! FAQ: Are you the creator of Classicful-32x and why are you updating the texture pack here? (And why did you change the name??) Yes, I am the creator of Classicful-32x, the reason why I want to update the texture pack as it's rather aged poorly with old and rough textures that aren't up to my standards, as there's better and improved textures that are now used in this texture pack, and also the original thread is now locked so that's rather sad if you ask me. Also I find the name "Classicful" rather cheesy. Am I allowed to use this for my realms/maps or modified in a small or large degree? Yes you are definitely allowed to use this in anyway you'd like with these textures as fully long as you follow the licence linked here from the Classic Faithful website, no monetization, give clear credits and linking back to the Classic Faithful website. Will there be a "Server friendly pack" version for this texture pack as you did for Classicful-32x? No, and there will be no planned version of it being made in the future as that was a way to try to stand-out of the texture pack sphere by then during Classicful's infancy, you can still use the Classicful Server pack or edit the texture pack here and add your own preferred stuff to it for servers or your maps, as long as you read the FAQ entry above and the licence to use the textures used in this texture pack here from the Classic Faithful team. Credits: Major textures in this texture pack are created thanks largely to by both Vattic and The Classic Faithful team and it's contributors. Borrowed assets: Grass top and Gravel textures made by Discord user Lassebq Sapling textures made by Discord user PedroThePanda64 Ice texture from HDredux made by Goodly Bricks, Rope, 2/3 of the Gold & Iron side textures, Crate and Magma made by Me. This Classicube texture pack is not official and not affiliated with Vattic and CF, this is meerely a passionate side fan-project, if you want to look back on Classicful-32x, click here: https://tinyurl.com/mrxrtmzy
  3. Welcome! This is my first time doing this then... We're just going to... Link: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/558s2wzta5wrj3xmquyqu/Default_1.20.zip?rlkey=i604rojzpimojpauq2e3xds8u&dl=0 Yes, this is a "1.20" texture to put and play in Singleplayer, this version of the texture is not configured for servers. And please consider giving me some credit that the files of animations sooo... (@BRNBot3 on youtube) Here is a photo of Terrain.png (I do not recommend using no animations.png - animations.txt
  4. Oddfault is basically the default textures but an amount of them are changed in some way or another. Here's the link to the texture pack: https://garbage.loan/f/stevebrine/oddfault.zip If you want to make a version that fits with the terrain.png your server uses, then here's the terrain.png for Oddfault: (Extra stuff like the prismarines and the diamond block textures aren't really used, so don't worry about them, unless you're planning to use them.)
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