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  1. While that is true, neither curl nor openal is standard across linux, and some distros might have a different name for them, like Rocky Linux, and then they try to run 'sudo dnf install libopenal1' without realizing there's a different name for it. Just sayin'
  2. turtlepro4488


    You should be able to go to the downloads page and select linux, and then unzip the downloaded archive into a folder, then double-click the executable. Also, .tar files are not executable files. If you are double-clicking the executable inside your archiving software, i would put it in a folder instead of opening it in your archiving software, and then go into properties and make sure it is allowed to be run as a program. Hope that helps!
  3. Rocky Linux 9, sh*tty dell Inspiron 3521 A16 with Intel i3-3227U and hd 4000 graphics
  4. In the install section for linux, there should be a section for RHEL users to install openal-soft before using Classicube, otherwise audio won't work (curl is installed by default on RHEL, or at least Rocky Linux (that is the distribution i am using - please double-check)). An example would be a command like $ sudo dnf install openal or $ sudo dnf install openal-soft (Both will work)
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