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  1. Download the texture pack and edit it using gimp or pixlr. Pixlr is the easiest so upload a image of saphire ore to the image and crop it into the texturepack. Its fairly easy i had a lot of trouble trying to do that.
  2. I mean well it is true. YOu can play minecraft on a chromebook Can you play Minecraft with a Chromebook? Minecraft is now available on Chromebook, including the new Trails & Tales Update. We are constantly working to bring the best gaming experiences to Chromebooks, whether they're new devices or new games.Jun 7, 2023 I mean its not a full version but its basically minecraft.
  3. It was an expression fool didnt mean that black person was cute.
  4. This is taking ages ive wanted the rank sigma chromie for a long time. everyone please put dumb or a**hole on this project so i can be sigma chromie. Because we all know its the best rank. .....Lol i bet no one is gonna even comment on this.
  5. Thats cute mesyeti really cute. I gotta say... For some reason i thought i was living in the 40s my bad.
  6. Yea taiwan is basically china but still its just a small part of it.
  7. Maybe just code your own games.
  8. Its litterally 5 percent the size of china.
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