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  1. Because he was just replying i guess idk
  2. M_beat stop taking other peoples server and make your own, that is why no one trusts you.
  3. Are y'all trying to say that i am underage?
  4. Is it me or ever since the quarantine started Classicube started to get more users? i mean like people like underage users started joining.
  5. Um... Are y'all straight up bullying this kid? I'm just asking don't go on and bully me.
  6. Gogofbi816172


    Why did she get banned? (Or he)
  7. ._. It is not a good idea to share a server with someone you dont trust. I learned that the hard way.
  8. Okay, Thanks. But how do i enable it.
  9. I did not even finish the whole thing! Sounded too dramatic. ._. Just finished, and someone actually thanked me O_O that even surprises me.
  10. Lol, Tetisplayer2, Are you really quitting cc because lashednova lied to you that he was going to sleep?
  11. Gogofbi816172


    How do i add pvp? I added venksurvival and venklib but i cant seem to get it working.
  12. Bro chill out, I'm just telling y'all that i opened a new server.
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