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  1. where is that? i dont see it
  2. hey guys how do u start a server? i already but how do i start it? I cant see it in the list of servers 😞
  3. How did classicube get started? Where did you get the name from?? (just asking)
  4. What I mean is, some servers have their name in highlighted yellow and most do not. Why is this?
  5. Thanks! This was very helpful!!
  6. JJKAY645


    it's minecraft not real life...
  7. hi sorry if im asking too many questions i have a lot on my mind 1. How do you make the rules so you have to agree upon entry 2. How do you create a rank 3. how do you make it so only certain people can visit your map without blocking everyone else?
  8. JJKAY645

    Map Question

    How do u make a map so only certain people or ranks can go to your map?
  9. They could be getting kicked my the Console. Because of "unknown circumstances" idk. Don't ask, but good question!
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