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  1. ok thank you soo much!!
  2. When you create a new server, Do you have to add ranks? I mean, do you just do /addrank or /rankadd or something like that? What is a good website to get texture packs from? I am also confused about the cmds that certain ranks can use... Point is, I am still confused.
  3. dang it. I am on a chromebook too, but i am getting a pc very soon. Thanks!! 😎😮🤯
  4. JJKAY645

    Banned Users

    How would you get banned on classicube? Does it ban their IP or account?
  5. It's not my server... (I don't own it)
  6. I do see it up, but it says :Failed to connect to the server. It's probably down." Which is true, but still.
  7. Is the "Landoe calassicube official server" server down?
  8. I am planning to create a server and I have no idea how to: Get texture packs do the "fancy" stuff creating ranks All I need is how to do the stuff you would normally do when creating a server.
  9. Whenever I go on to ClassiCube to play on a server, I notice that there aren't as many people playing on a server than there usually are. Also, the [The Build] Freebuild server is missing from the list of servers. Where did the server go?
  10. Do you guys want a discord server to just talk? (Link redacted)
  11. JJKAY645


    Thank you!
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