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  1. It certainly did. Yeah you obviously know nothing about computers you just play on them. Im using a macOS for 2005 not the 90s so i have no idea what your talking about late 90s Yeah i wasnt bragging but whatever. I also changed it so the Intel HD Graphics are 4000.
  2. Ha lol this old computer has updated firmware. So minecraft or classicube reconizes that its newer. I also updated the IPS screen so its not bad. Also its using a modern proccesing chip that i solderd in. And threw away the old one. I also changed the memory to be a lot higher to about 5TB. I also
  3. Im proud that people identidy as helicopters.
  4. Probably the psp go. It can already run CrossCraft and classicube would be a great addition. People where able to make a faked minecraft version on the psp thats looks nearly identical to the minecraft we have today
  5. I was recently using pixlr to add blocks to my server until one day it said URRGHH YOU HAVE TO PAY BIG MONEY TO USE IT. And i was like WHAT thats prepousperous! I found some other ones similar to it like GIMP but you have to download it i mean its not the biggest deal in the world its just that im using a macOS from 2003 that has customfirmware installed and it cant hold too much info.
  6. Yeah i kind of think thats for survival like if you wanted to add a survival plugin that would be like the texture for it. That isnt survival test goodly. The hearts look quite off to normal minecraft hearts. Wait maybe your right its just the lighting. I pressed the picture.
  7. Oh yeah i already figured that out already TheRealRoland told me about it. A day after i made that reply. You can just change the texture by downloading the whole entire texturepack and editing a certain block on pixlr or something.
  8. Hello just wonering how do you make a texture pack for only one block just a specific block. Also where can i make a texture. Is it pixlr? Wdym by 16 by 16 does that mean 16 by 16 pixels?
  9. You obviously live in the new age were you get brainwashed by the news now days. Ngl you probably think the same thing about me but i can care less. So is being a Antireligion person. There has been more wars and fights over religion throughout histroy. But theres litterly never been a war againts gays or straights.
  10. Yeah i can sort of understand that. But what about autistic people? And im not purely homophobic. Ive talked to gay people on a server and im not being a jerk to them. I mean if they say hello ill probably say hello also. To be completly honest with you disliking gay people probably piss off's straight people more than gay people. True they may not want to talk to someone that is "Homophobic".
  11. On most servers people do not like people that do not like gay people. Just because i say that gay people are just a little bit weird in my opinion. But if you dislike a certain religion no one flips of at you. And starts cursing 24/7 everytime you see them. I am not completly againts gay people im not the type of person that be's a jerk mentalcase to gay people. Gay people probably think the same thing about some straight people. I mean if i said a certain religion is weird most people probably would say anything. Just wondering why it differs from religion to gay drasticly. This is just a question.
  12. The hell plugin will just make classicube more hellish.
  13. yeah im not gonna state the name of my server because i dont wanna get banned by some classicube overlord.
  14. Your a hacker. Thats too bad i cant play multiplayer on classicube browser anymore. Yeah i agree goodly is pretty dumb
  15. When i try to join a server it says Notice The selected multiplayer server does not support connecting via https:// Please click the button below to connect via http:// instead I tried doing that but it didnt work!
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