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  1. Who can spot the real one?
  2. they were sleeping at their seperate houses
  3. You're probably wondering why the Lambkid area is outlined. I'll tell you why, the also known as thing is related to Lambkid Sheepfather and Sheepuncle were sleeping the night the photo was taken.
  4. Looks like somebody likes my skin 🙂 Sheepman: I guess it was worth it! Chickenman: I agree!
  5. Maybe, but Sheepmen are smarter
  6. Who would win? Sheepman has more battle skills, so he might have an advantage Pigman has less battle skills, he might lose.
  7. This version of the skin will have the word "FANS" at the back of the body so I can know you are trying to impersonate me or not. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/716457642217832513/721794154681860156/Sheepman_fans_edition.png Seriously, don't impersonate me, it's identity fraud, impersonating people is called Identity stealing
  8. I am sheepman I, sheepman will play classiccube i am silly in this post 🙂 - stevebrine 6/13/2020, 9:32 PM
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