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  1. speedrunning cc sounds dumb but cool
  2. where is standalone client?
  3. wool gun
  4. pig and creeper
  5. pushing an afk player
  6. yeah, i don't think there's a fire animation in the actual mc4kids texture pack.
  7. This was originally a private build of the texture pack, but I decided to finally let all the people know about it, and I'll list the new things that are in the texture pack! New stone texture and ore textures! Fixed the rain being upside down. Custom block slots back! (they're the blue missing texture slots) And that's all the updates I think. this is the terrain.png image. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpjolb55dumvqcu/classinew.zip?dl=0 the link to the texture pack so you can use it
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