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  1. I'm just locked out in the standalone client. That's all.
  2. It says I need a login code, but I don't even have it in my inbox. What do I do?
  3. woah there buddy you don't wanna mess with MY MENTAL
  4. This is my old skin This is my new skin (Coming soon)
  5. Did you want to put characters on a wall but didn't want to consume too much space? Well, this might be the solution. The MicroArt format is basically what the image contains. You can imagine what the rest of the blocks would look like, take Obsidian for example, might be whole obsidian or an obsidian and navy blue checkerboard. Cobblestone: the same. You could interpret the other mobs like these (or make it different):
  6. hello i am the berohrine looker heha i am searcher go to a stevebrine+4 map in a na2 to look at berohriner
  7. I was playing ClassiCube on Singleplayer, and started building a cobblestone hut on fire. Once I finished building, I saw a mysterious figure that looked like the ever-so-famous Minecraft legend Herobrine, but with a silly face. Luckily enough, I was able to take a screenshot. Look at the figure on the right! I think it's called Berohrine. When I started going for it, the figure disappeared, then I started placing saplings, and then stumbled upon a crown-like shape made from sponges. Suddenly, a purple liquid spurted out of the disk drive of my computer, and then I thought "Since when did my computer have the ability to eject liquids like that?" But then, I continued playing. I went to a rose patch, but when I took a closer look, there was another "Berohrine" entity coming for me, so I decided to fly away from it. And so then, I generated a new world, with the Large option. About that other "Berohrine" entity, it looked like it had been foaming out purple liquid, as if it had lean-rabies, and it had a purple cut on it's torso. The eyes also seemed bigger, and a wider grin for the smile.
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