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  1. I tried installing the Minecraft font today to use in the system fonts for the menus since I kinda grew sick of Arial. I tried installing the Minecraft font, and while it is installed it doesn't show it anywhere on classicube. Is there any way I can add it?
  2. Knowing how you have a schoolkid ranking on this forum you'd blend in with all of the above
  3. goodbye bro you will be missed
  4. Nintendo DS or Sega Genesis may seem wild that I want it on the Genesis but hey they got in on Windows 95 working so why not
  5. Ryzen 5 3600x GTX 1650 4G GDDR6 32GB RAM 500GB nVME SSD Windows 10
  6. Unless you're talking about failed states or those in Africa any parent would be able to afford a laptop. Monthly salaries here are 350 dollars a month minimum, and it took a month for my parents to be able to get me my first laptop at a price of 400 dollars and pay for everything else as well. Buying a cheap laptop is only good if the kid is a toddler, as they wouldn't do much other than watch nursery rhymes on YT but they can also do that on phones which are equally as capable yet have the same function, as a 200 dollar phone already falls in the midrange category it's smarter to buy that rather than buy a chromebook, even compatibility would be much better on the phone. And it's not expensive to get a good functional phone either, a midranger from 2017 would cost about 70 dollars nowadays on aliexpress (Nokia 7 for example).
  7. I don't really get where do you come with this point because it is just wrong. For one the used market exists, where you can get a once overkill laptop for the same price as a modern midranger and maybe it will perform better Second of all is that the used market can also offer cheap pc parts which when combined can usually lead to a lower price than the average chromebook (My former gaming pc which is 10 years old by now can be found for 170 dollars with all of it's part combined excluding the case. And third of all parents exist. Loving parents or at least tolerant would be able to give the kid some money to buy themselves a pc or entirely buy one for them.
  8. Chromebooks aren't good value. An affordable but solid laptop should come at a minimum price of 400 dollars, and they can do far more than the chromebook
  9. I think Microsoft would be the best decision because since windows 7 they haven't done anything right
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