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  1. Knowing how you have a schoolkid ranking on this forum you'd blend in with all of the above
  2. goodbye bro you will be missed
  3. Saw this guns plugin for classicube and the not awesome 2 player model where the player holds a gun. What's the name of it, and would it work in Singleplayer?
  4. It looked cool, and it would've made it a bit more fun for me to play singleplayer classicube as I would have more content
  5. During school I found out about this plugin called more models which is really cool, but the file for it is a DLL rather than a .so file, and it doesn't seem that a Linux version exists.
  6. This game saw a massive increase of players after MJD talked about Classicube, so which other youtubers you want to talk about this game?
  7. Looks gorgeous, much nicer than the shaders in official minecraft you absolutely should.
  8. My condolences go to the victims of his bullying. Good riddance the mod left the community too
  9. m8 they aren't lazy they're loyal to the classic feel
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