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  1. Not Awesome 2 is holding a 32x32 Secret Santa build exchange! How it works To spread Christmas and holiday cheer, we will be building gifts for each other! The twist is that we do not know who we are building for until the event ends on the 24th* of December. You will be given your gift-partner's interests as a theme for the gift you're building. A special reward Entrants who finish building their gifts will be rewarded with a unique snowflake `/flair` and a unique snowflake `/aura`! Please note that building a very low-effort gift may exclude you from this reward. How to enter and more You have until the 8th* of December to enter. After this, entries will be closed. We've put Percy the Elf in charge of handling entry. You can find Percy next to the spawn in `mainclaus`, which is the current hub world. To enter, talk to Percy. Percy knows what date it is, so you can return to him to check up on the status of the event. *all dates are based on California time (PST).
  2. Noop ID already exists, it's block 0 (air). What would be the purpose of adding another one?
  3. There is a guide you can find here: https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/b_a/
  4. ClassiCube does not support custom sounds and you cannot trigger existing sounds (like dig or step sounds) with a server.
  5. It actually is a ClassiCube server. It just seems to be rarely up.
  6. Download and run the server software. You will need to port forward for people online to join it. The reason I have suggested googling port forward for Minecraft is that the process is the same. The only difference is that you will be running MCGalaxy instead of a Minecraft server jar.
  7. OrangeDragon is wrong. It can't be done.
  8. These are all multiplayer features. There is no plugin for them for singleplayer.
  9. Goodly


    Upload your texture pack to https://garbage.loan/ and you'll have a nice and short url to use.
  10. Hi new to ClassiCube hope you have a fun time here
  11. To get a shadow, you just have to use /writechat twice with different chat coloring. (shortcut for /writefont default) (NA2 exclusive) For example: /writechat &8Shadowed text! then /writechat Shadowed text! (with an offset) If you're not on NA2 you'll have to do it manually or use /imageprint with a screenshot of the text you want.
  12. You can setup your own server by following the instructions here. https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy#setup You can also request to have eddynetweb host the server for you if you can't run MCGalaxy or can't port forward. https://eddyn.net/projects/games/
  14. The problem with "Herobrine vs Saviorsaltwater" is that if you've played Minecraft: Story Mode, you'd know that Herobrine is actually just a shadow nightmare version of Saviorsaltwater that is by definition a more powerful and evil version of him. Asking "which one would win" is not only pointless, but it also shows a deep lack of media literacy as the entire point of Herobrine is that it's a metaphor for Saviorsaltwater's trauma and guilt over what happened during the gimp war. In a situation like this, no one can be a winner. If Herobrine defeats Saviorsaltwater, that destroys the very thing that gives it any meaning to begin with, leaving it as an empty reflection without a reflector. On the other hand, Saviorsaltwater can never truly win against Herobrine because, like in real life, PTSD is something you cannot completely destroy. You can only learn to live with it.
  15. What is WorldModify? If this is singleplayer, there is no way to unflood the world aside from turning block physics off (in misc options) and loading an older copy. If this is multiplayer (MCGalaxy), you can use /replaceall 10 air
  16. Please use /help spawner and read thoroughly
  17. Use https://garbage.loan/ to upload ClassiCube skins with short urls
  18. Forums are not for ban appeals.
  19. The problem is that you didn't apply the custom skin when you wore the model. The texture you see in the blockbench window is completely incidental to the actual in-game model and won't be uploaded along with the model If you want to use a custom texture on a model that is not your ClassiCube skin, you can use `/skin` Generally speaking, you should set "useshumanskin" option to false if the model is not meant to work with a default human model skin. What this will do is make the model not use your ClassiCube skin by default, and instead it requires you to use `/skin ` If useshumanskin is false, using `/cm wear [model]` will also automatically apply the skin you've set with `/cm config [model] defaultskin`
  20. We need to be able to download your model in order to definitively troubleshoot what went wrong. Can you upload it somewhere? My guess: You are using "uv rotation" feature, which isn't supported in ClassiCube models.
  21. Do you see an error in chat when the game tries to download the textures? We can't guess how to solve it without seeing any error message. Also, did you accidentally say "no" when asked to download the textures? /client cleardenied will solve this
  22. I'd recommend Cave Story, it's a free side-scrolling shooter game released for free to widespread critical acclaim.
  23. I wrote a guide for you here: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/wiki/Custom-textures Feel free to ask if there's anything that needs clarifying in the guide.
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