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  1. First step is absolutely not necessary...
  2. Because you can scroll an arbitrary distance away from your player, see through walls, and rotate the camera to a different direction than you're really facing. It's hacks. If you want, petition the servers you play on to add +thirdperson to the MOTD.
  3. Goodly

    PLS unmute

    Correction: It's your fault that your sister was even *able* to use your account at all. You need to keep it secure if you don't want it to be abused. The NA2 staff's job is to deal with problems, even if those problems are coming from a stolen account. Sorry. This is also not the correct forum to complain about moderation decisions on individual ClassiCube servers. Thread locked.
  4. What would be the purpose of telling your crush about a person who doesn't exist?
  5. Goodly


    You can play with a friend if you both join the same server. Head on over to this page to check out all the servers.
  6. The ability to be invisible, but you're always invisible, and it's /only/ you that's invisible. Your clothing and any amount of grime, dirt, or dust on your skin, is all still visible.
  7. NA2 is not a strict server. Naturally, the more you break rules and spam and be a nuisance, the more harsh mod action will be over time. For reference, THIS is your notes: You've been muted multiple times by five different members of the staff team. Presenting your story as getting muted only for saying "kjdashajhf" is extremely dishonest. On a side note, I agree that NA2 is not particularly calm. A lot of kids have started playing recently who get very hyper in chat.
  8. just put my elbow bthrough the monitor because i thought the cursor was a bug again. nevertheless this setback will not slow down my posting
  9. Because servers can make their own custom blocks, ClassiCube has indefinitely cancelled its plan to add more blocks to the "default" set of blocks. But it's a fine idea for a server to add
  10. Probably because it's a game night which is organized by and for ClassiCube players.
  11. Doctor is mad that he got banned from Not Awesome 2, and lashes out by blaming me.
  12. Wish granted, but no one ever posts at all. I wish for the Nile.
  13. 103. I thought we had defeated counting threads for good...
  14. 99 look, im not saying that martin luther king jr was a gamer. that would be ludicrous. im simply saying that if games had existed at the time,
  15. 86 i sincerely hope all of you remembered to powder your keyboards and mice to prevent Hand damage during your normal 16 hr browsing sessions
  16. 72 I didn't edit your post. Nice assumption.
  17. 69. Doctor's edit doesn't count since he wasn't taking turns.
  18. Basically there's nothing you can do about hacking, unless you're a smart coder who's willing to put in many hours of work to write an anti-cheat plugin for your server. And even then, no anti-cheat can be perfect. The vast majority of ClassiCube players don't use hacked clients, however. And those that do can usually be caught by observation and banned manually. You can also encourage players to use /report if they see someone hacking, preferably ask them to get evidence as well.
  19. There are a collection of plugins for client-side (can't be used on webclient) here. There's also a few more client-side plugins with their own repositories: CEF and More Models. You can find a list of plugins for MCGalaxy here. CEF allows you to view web browser pages in-game, primarily to allow watching videos together. It only works in multiplayer if you are playing on an MCGalaxy server. More Models adds a bunch of new models to the game, for use with /model (MCGalaxy command).
  20. There are random bots that just try to connect everywhere, including ClassiCube servers on occasion. They won't be able to actually join because they don't have a real client, they just open a connection
  21. Using webclient: sign into classicube.net then go to the server list, and click a server name to join it. Using stand-alone client (recommended): Download the game, move it to a folder where you can find it later, then run it. Sign into the launcher, then click join on the server you want.
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