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  1. You can find a template here: https://static.classicube.net/default.zip Then unzip the files, change any of the textures to your liking, and then put them back into the zip file. The .zip file is now your texture pack. You should also just delete the files you haven't changed since they just take up unnecessary space.
  2. Those blocks are "MCGalaxy physics blocks". They are special, they don't show up in your block menu, but you can place them using building commands, and they take on the appearance of blocks that already exist. For example, /place checkpoint appears as air, /z door appears as log, etc.
  3. You can use https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy
  4. You can run commands in "portals" with /help mb
  5. Goodly

    My Server

    No one can help you if you don't pose any questions
  6. It's confusing what you're asking. If you just want a zombie with its arms lowered, you can find or upload a zombie skin and just put it on the normal humanoid model. You can find the default ClassiCube zombie skin in here: https://static.classicube.net/default.zip Then upload it to something like dropbox or imgur, and use the URL as the skin. Or you can search the web for countless default Minecraft zombie skins.
  7. why did you quote only part of my comment, leaving out the part that explains the purpose of nobody rank, and then ask me what the purpose of nobody rank is?
  8. please stop telling people to use the nobody rank. that defeats the purpose of it. instead you can use superop which is the default owner rank. nobody rank is meant to be a way to set commands and visit permissions to be completely exclusive. (e.g, only nobody and megaboi can visit privateworld)
  9. Considering how hacky it is, it seems unlikely to be accepted by Unk
  10. You can also use the reward plugin Unk coded from here: https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins
  11. You can also read the full bot command compendium: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/xo32vdixxcboouz/Bots.txt
  12. Ninja_King was not referring to the GUI. properties/rank.properties is a text file, you edit that to change permissions. They probably called it a "file manager" because they're using Eddy's remote file control.
  13. I misunderstood what you're asking. Anyone can change their cover photo without waiting, and it looks you already did? But for avatars your account has to be at least 5 years old
  14. You can change it if you wait 5 years
  15. The colors could be a bit more accurate but nice
  16. Goodly


    /help model models
  17. Stop posting texture packs without screenshots
  18. Awful. And yes, the parts that are meant to be transparent are all white.
  19. (volume warning) videoplayback.mp4
  20. re-align pivots for every part appropriately.
  21. The fact that a tiny minority of the population holds most of the wealth while millions suffer and starve
  22. once a year on every forum some guy posts a thread called like "I made a server" and all the people who get mad at him are banned
  23. Goodly


    Double perma-ban. Doesn't get much more good than that. From the forums, of course. They can still play ClassiCube.
  24. What are you asking? If you want to remember what server you played on, then you need to write its name down somewhere. Or try clicking the "resume" option from the launcher.
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