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  1. Go here: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/tree/master/Uploads Download MCGalaxy_infid.dll and rename it to MCGalaxy_.dll Shut down your server and replace the existing MCGalaxy_.dll with the one you just renamed. Turn on your server again. You will now have 767 blocks.
  2. These were included even in the original classic, since there's unused assets that were used in the survival test version.
  3. All of the block textures are in one shared file, the terrain.png. So to change just one block, you have to change one of the block textures inside that image. 16 by 16 means the block texture is 16 pixels high and 16 pixels wide.
  4. Please learn a little bit about history before making such ignorant claims. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_homosexuals_in_Nazi_Germany
  5. "But what about autistic people?" What is the question being asked here? "And im not purely homophobic." So you are homophobic. "Ive talked to gay people on a server and im not being a jerk to them. I mean if they say hello ill probably say hello also." Congratulations on not being completely horrible. "To be completly honest with you disliking gay people probably piss off's straight people more than gay people." I think it pisses off anyone who has an understanding of ethics and why bigotry is wrong.
  6. Because calling gay people weird and having something against them is bigoted and has no justification, whereas religious belief systems have many problems. Also because religious people as a group don't face a comparable amount of bigotry and oppression as gay people do. A lot of gay and queer people come to these online spaces such as ClassiCube as a refuge from their irl circumstances where they are shunned for who they are, so it's not surprising that you will face major backlash for being homophobic.
  7. I no longer wish to maintain or develop NAS so I privated it to avoid more people using it.
  8. You can easily remove it from your launcher by unchecking this box
  9. Assuming the blockbench model is generic format already, you can port them directly into cc using custom model plugin. https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels However, animations work completely differently and are more restrictive. Be sure to read the wiki guide linked on the repository.
  10. Use Chat.MessageChat(p, ".x " + message, null, true); The last arg true means it sends to discord/irc, false means it stays in-game only.
  11. You should include some pictures so people can see what they're getting
  12. Did you make sure your server is set to public? Otherwise, this is an issue for lemehost themselves: https://lemehost.com/site/contact
  13. You need to contact lemehost for this type of issue.
  14. It wasn't removed, just had no answers. - There is no built-in functionality to change the limit of title characters. Titles could be forced to be shorter than default using a plugin, but I'm assuming you wanted longer titles?
  15. You can find a selection of plugins here, as well as a link to other lists of plugins at the bottom of the page. The plugin source code is all available for download, so you can make your own by editing one.
  16. To disable all hacks, use /map motd -hax You can add additional words to modify the permission: (allow staff to hack) /os map motd -hax +ophax (allow respawn) /os map motd -hax +respawn Use /help map motd for all possible + or - keywords you can use
  17. Blacklist from doing what? To modify level permissions for player "John": Visit permission: /pervisit -John Build permission: /perbuild -John To restore or increase permissions, use + before the name instead of -.
  18. Can you be more specific with what you're trying to achieve? There could be multiple meanings of blacklist. Are you a regular member, or staff?
  19. You can use `/commands all all` to see a list of every single command, though that may not actually be too useful since there are so many. There are more specific options as well:
  20. It means you should change your email address immediately because ClassiCube can't send emails to it due to bounce or spam reports.
  21. I agree it's easy to be confused by 2d2t. I can understand why they think it's not anarchy, but they're just mislead. It still is one. Not a normal one, but an anarchy server nonetheless. "All users have the same potential for power on any server, if they just use their social skills to gain staff positions." Very cool point, actually. I'll have to come up with a better way to describe anarchy servers. Maybe this: An anarchy server is a server where Players cannot be prevented from joining the server, and the host may step in and violate the second clause to ensure this All players have the same potential to influence the world, in perpetuity just don't think about Panda's /BanAll Anarchy and it works I swear
  22. In order for this equivalence to make sense, it would have to be possible to gain full staff powers on any server just by making a custom client, but it clearly isn't. There's a meaningful difference between the power structures of, say, 2d2t and NA2. I define an anarchy server as one where all users have the same potential for control over the world and other players. 2d2t meets this criteria, whereas other servers that are not labelled anarchy do not.
  23. 2d2t is full anarchy still and always has been. What you fail to understand is that anarchy does not mean "It must be griefed and it must be possible to permanently destroy people's stuff". It only means "there are no rules set in place by the staff or owner of the server". The rollback was performed by a regular player who decided to use their coding skills to create bots that allow them to fix up grief. Nothing here violates the idea of an anarchy server.
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