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  1. my all time favorite band is queen and im currently obsessed with listening to rap songs
  2. ahoy, the next name is going to be "Sylvester"
  3. oh alright, i thought it was for the blocks in general, my bad
  4. i think ya gotta make a texture pack for custom blocks
  5. aaronz

    I need help

    oh i see the single player doesnt have like any texture packs, it just has the basic blocks
  6. aaronz

    I need help

    when you join servers and they have a texture pack you have to click that you accept the texture pack for it to load in
  7. mines probably shenanigans i dont use it much but i think its silly
  8. it was just a test so dont really overthink it mate
  9. i have an obsession with queen at the moment but i keep listening to duster recently, specifaclly "chocolate and mint" heres a link to em on spotify
  10. i believe you have to verifiy your account by email so you can play online
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