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  1. Somewhat, and to that I reply; Izawa
  2. I see your Sylvester, and raise you a "Rhianna"
  3. Well well well, what a splendid name choice. To get the ball rolling a little better I'll add on with "Darius"
  4. I have seen this played on other forums and I haven’t spotted it here so far. Tell me if it has already been played here and I haven’t seen it. Basically, the first person will say a name: ‘Pete’ Then, the next person has to say another name that starts with the same letter the last one ended with: ‘Ella’ And it just carries on from there. Here’s a full example. Player one: George Player two: Evelyn Player three: Nancy Player four: Yvonne etc. Let’s go! Sebastian
  5. I can't decide lol, it's between stuff like "Sesquipidillian," "tomfoolery," and "plentiful." I just love words that are fun to say 😛
  6. I don't think a single day has gone by this month that I haven't popped on the song "Expiration Date" by Broken at Best. Here's a link to the song, it's only on youtube right now (to my knowledge.) New Phone, Who Dis? (Expiration Date) - YouTube
  7. Paint

    DS port

    I'm not sure the DS is powerful enough to handle something the size of Classicube, and it would be force singleplayer. But that would be a crazy Homebrew I agree lol
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