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  1. https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy Read the documentation, though it wouldnt be single player anymore
  2. I misunderstood the situation please disregard this whole text, thank you for reading ❤️
  3. UmbreoClaw


    There will be no survival mode for ClassiCube, if you want to experience a survival version of this game go to: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-java-edition That will give you the True survival experience Other than that, please don't ask for survival on the ClassiCube forums for it has been stated through multiple posts and in the guidelines even There will be no survival I hope this helps you understand, thank you for taking your time to read my post ^w^ --UmbreoClaw
  4. That’s WaddleDee not Kirby
  5. there are a few things you can do Join a server and tell your friends to join that one Create your own server (Need basic knowledge on how to read and follow instructions) (anything other than a chromebook works) Find someone to host a server for you (Eddynet or MCCH Hosting) If you want to create your own server (Chromebooks cant host servers) use this link: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy Basic reading and comprehension skills are required when creating a server
  6. Apparently hes trying to fix the application forms right now 🙂 please be patient and I will try to update you or he himself once finished ❤️
  7. he was actually really toxic not going to lie, but he probably had to give his chromebook back to his school for the summer, like half of the children playerbase had to at the end of the school year
  8. Read UnknownShadow200's GitHub, it tells you how to set a server up https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy It tells you everything on how to set it up and there is a separate page for plugins you can find too
  9. they want the .lvl file
  10. I would suggest using a browser like google chrome, for classicube should perform significantly better on google chrome than on what ever version of microsoft edge youre using, or like mentioned earlier, get a better computer to play on, or of course you could wait for your computer to get fixed like you said your dad was going to do.
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