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  1. I am assuming you're playing on one of the few "Survival Servers" that the ClassiCube website lists. if you have mined a block, it will appear in your inventory, if you dont have any blocks mined, you cannot place anything that you do not have, when a block is mined it will show up in your inventory, Press b and pick a block, you can then place it
  2. You can just connect by putting localhost:25565 in the direct connect box, using the classicube client
  3. (Assuming you meant server wise) go into your desired server that has the command /bot enabled, then go to your own map and do /botadd {Bot name here} and poof you have an entity, you can change the entities model by doing /model bot {Bot Name} {Model Name}, there’s also bot AI that you can assign to your mob using /botai, There is no bots in single player that you can mess with sadly, unless you make your own plugin or modify the base client to allow it, hope this helps :3
  4. There is activity. You just need to seek it out 😄
  5. the only singleplayer building command is /cuboid
  6. I consider the "HOLY FUCK!" text to have been quite ineffective quite frankly, due to all of the shitposts we still got here on the classicube forums, so while it may have brought some comedic value, it really wasnt needed
  7. Maybe if everyone stopped giving them the attention they wanted then they would stop, you're fueling the fire by replying and telling them to quit it. Just simply *don't reply!* easy as that amiright? anyways I hope this trick helps you in the future when you face more attention seekers or trolls! Just like fire fuels a flame, any type of attention fuels the trolls desire to make more content :3
  8. In order to meet the requirements to be made a server you must be 13 years of age, have 20 years of experience in child care, be able to recite the whole bible word for word, you must be able to speak at least 7 foreign languages fluently and you must be able to not be gullible to peoples tricks! Only when you meet all of these requirements can you apply to get a server set up for you, but even then it’s a long and tedious process of setting up an application, meeting the creators of ClassiCube and the server software developers themselves to pick you for the job of handling a server, for only the most outstanding candidates are chosen, and they are far and few, so good luck you brave soul, I hope you succeed in getting a server you thirst for. or alternatively, go to this website to download the server software and run it! https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/releases
  9. Was your friend by chance blacklisted from the freebuilds? Since that is not an account issue that has ever occurred, and if he’s able to build on his own realm then that makes it even more of a reason to believe he was blacklisted from the freebuilds, can you ask him when he’s on Not Awesome to do /mynotes and if it says that he’s blacklisted from the freebuilds, then you have your answer
  10. Tetrisplayer2 is the last person you would want to talk to about servers
  11. I think the server had been demolished like with most chromie servers
  12. You do not need to get revenge, just block them
  13. UmbreoClaw


    Why reply to an obviously dead thread when you could have just allowed it to collect dust like all of the other posts that no one replies to because it’s a waste of time?
  14. UmbreoClaw

    I need a server

    Or just… don’t make a server, there’s already many servers that sit empty. Unless he plans on making his server unique in some way then go ahead, but his server will most likely be one of those “freebuild servers with mini games” and have a flat world as the main level. It’s easier to just play on a server and make a map to play with your friends then to just create a whole new server which no one would notice. Also servers tend to have more custom blocks than default MCGalaxy. So that’s more reason to just stay on a server and create a realm and share with your friends. But if you plan on even *trying* to make your server unique then go ahead, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. But other than that I wouldn’t recommend. Thanks for reading ^w^
  15. That is most likely a custom block. Getting this block can be achieved quite easily though, you can simply create one by doing: /lb copy 1 (/os lb for your own map) /lb edit 767 blockdraw 4 (This Will make the block invisible) /lb edit 767 name Barrier (Changes the name of the block) /lb edit 767 blockslight no (removes the shadow from underneath the block) if you want to use it in your global blocks you would do /gb instead Also, I am 99% sure there isnt a barrier in the normal blocks
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