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  1. UmbreoClaw


    What happens when you try and join it
  2. You would need to have an administrator or operator change the realm ownership of the map, which can be done by doing /map realmowner mapname playername1 playername2 Then they would be able to change the environment variables of the map and the blocks
  3. There ain’t no shit in Detroit
  4. There should be a way for you to access the server files and edit them
  5. Assuming you’re using the server software MCGalaxy; go to the folder labeled ‘text’ and edit the file “rules.txt”
  6. This is a cube game, it is not meant to be realistic
  7. I’m sorry but this isn’t the place to complain about other servers, thank you for your (unwanted) feedback
  8. you may know their general city but you dont know their address, nice try bucko ❤️
  9. That isn't how it works... if you built something, would you be offended if someone broke it down because they didn't like it? Your justification is flawed, then again anyone with an IQ below 60 probably thinks that way too
  10. I am assuming you're playing on one of the few "Survival Servers" that the ClassiCube website lists. if you have mined a block, it will appear in your inventory, if you dont have any blocks mined, you cannot place anything that you do not have, when a block is mined it will show up in your inventory, Press b and pick a block, you can then place it
  11. You can just connect by putting localhost:25565 in the direct connect box, using the classicube client
  12. (Assuming you meant server wise) go into your desired server that has the command /bot enabled, then go to your own map and do /botadd {Bot name here} and poof you have an entity, you can change the entities model by doing /model bot {Bot Name} {Model Name}, there’s also bot AI that you can assign to your mob using /botai, There is no bots in single player that you can mess with sadly, unless you make your own plugin or modify the base client to allow it, hope this helps :3
  13. There is activity. You just need to seek it out 😄
  14. the only singleplayer building command is /cuboid
  15. I consider the "HOLY FUCK!" text to have been quite ineffective quite frankly, due to all of the shitposts we still got here on the classicube forums, so while it may have brought some comedic value, it really wasnt needed
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