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    Why reply to an obviously dead thread when you could have just allowed it to collect dust like all of the other posts that no one replies to because it’s a waste of time?
  2. UmbreoClaw

    I need a server

    Or just… don’t make a server, there’s already many servers that sit empty. Unless he plans on making his server unique in some way then go ahead, but his server will most likely be one of those “freebuild servers with mini games” and have a flat world as the main level. It’s easier to just play on a server and make a map to play with your friends then to just create a whole new server which no one would notice. Also servers tend to have more custom blocks than default MCGalaxy. So that’s more reason to just stay on a server and create a realm and share with your friends. But if you plan on even *trying* to make your server unique then go ahead, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. But other than that I wouldn’t recommend. Thanks for reading ^w^
  3. That is most likely a custom block. Getting this block can be achieved quite easily though, you can simply create one by doing: /lb copy 1 (/os lb for your own map) /lb edit 767 blockdraw 4 (This Will make the block invisible) /lb edit 767 name Barrier (Changes the name of the block) /lb edit 767 blockslight no (removes the shadow from underneath the block) if you want to use it in your global blocks you would do /gb instead Also, I am 99% sure there isnt a barrier in the normal blocks
  4. Personally you aren’t giving yourself a good reputation as a server owner, you come off as childish and no one would want to play on your server unless they wanted to take advantage of your child like tendencies to trick you into giving them a rank, I would suggest seeming more grown up and a polish to your “moderation” team before you even think of starting a server, Good luck and have a happy New Year ☺️
  5. Then why did you create your account if you want it deleted
  6. You’re wrong, eddynet hosts the server for you, so you can technically use it on phone, Personal Computer, heck you could probably use it on your smart fridge if you wanted,
  7. https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy Read the documentation, though it wouldnt be single player anymore
  8. I misunderstood the situation please disregard this whole text, thank you for reading ❤️
  9. UmbreoClaw


    There will be no survival mode for ClassiCube, if you want to experience a survival version of this game go to: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/minecraft-java-edition That will give you the True survival experience Other than that, please don't ask for survival on the ClassiCube forums for it has been stated through multiple posts and in the guidelines even There will be no survival I hope this helps you understand, thank you for taking your time to read my post ^w^ --UmbreoClaw
  10. there are a few things you can do Join a server and tell your friends to join that one Create your own server (Need basic knowledge on how to read and follow instructions) (anything other than a chromebook works) Find someone to host a server for you (Eddynet or MCCH Hosting) If you want to create your own server (Chromebooks cant host servers) use this link: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy Basic reading and comprehension skills are required when creating a server
  11. Apparently hes trying to fix the application forms right now 🙂 please be patient and I will try to update you or he himself once finished ❤️
  12. he was actually really toxic not going to lie, but he probably had to give his chromebook back to his school for the summer, like half of the children playerbase had to at the end of the school year
  13. Read UnknownShadow200's GitHub, it tells you how to set a server up https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy It tells you everything on how to set it up and there is a separate page for plugins you can find too
  14. I would suggest using a browser like google chrome, for classicube should perform significantly better on google chrome than on what ever version of microsoft edge youre using, or like mentioned earlier, get a better computer to play on, or of course you could wait for your computer to get fixed like you said your dad was going to do.
  15. Get a better Computer. on the flip side, if youre using an android phone you can download classicubes APK version for android, which is on the website under downloads.
  16. Then use /rankinfo {UserName} in the server and see who ranked you down, and when they're online ask them that
  17. You are still a member then, you were probably fake ranked you can tell the difference between being ranked up by a person and being fake ranked this is fake rankups and this is normal rankups
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