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  1. and yet here you are using it 🤷‍♂️
  2. That’s a mood, we live and we learn I suppose
  3. You seem to have been banned from their servers for editing others builds even though it is against the rules, as well as being toxic to the staff that have banned you and to others as well. Therefore your ban won’t be lifted at this time. Please note that this isn’t the place to ask for ban appeals.
  4. What operating system are you using?
  5. Maybe try contributing to the post instead of saying “what da hail” 🙂. Your support goes a long way 🤗
  6. UmbreoClaw

    Fps issue

    Get an actual computer
  7. Essentially scrambling your email and password is like data deletion, if you want other data removed like IP addresses you’d have to contact the classicube admins but otherwise no, as explained before all of the data that was collected can just be scrambled by a simple email and password change, that way no one not even yourself can access the count if you so desired
  8. Hey there, Those are great questions you've raised! Let's dive into them. When it comes to guaranteeing freedoms, it's a multi-faceted process. In democratic societies, we often see a combination of factors at play. Things like the rule of law, constitutional frameworks, an independent judiciary, and respect for human rights all come into play to safeguard individual freedoms. Additionally, having strong democratic institutions like a free press, an active civil society, and effective checks and balances can go a long way in upholding those freedoms. Now, moving on to your second point about successful societies under authoritarian regimes, it's definitely a tricky subject. The idea of success can vary depending on the context and what we prioritize. There are countries like China and Singapore that have achieved remarkable economic growth and stability under authoritarian rule. However, it's important to note that these regimes often come with limitations on political freedoms, freedom of speech, assembly, and other individual rights. So, while they may have achieved success in some areas, the overall state of individual liberties may be compromised. The bottom line is that finding the right balance between freedom and governance is an ongoing debate. Different societies take different approaches, and it's crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each system. It's important to assess the impact on individual freedoms and rights while considering the broader outcomes and goals of a society. I hope this sheds some light on your questions! If there's anything else you'd like to discuss or if you have further queries, feel free to let me know. I'm here to keep the conversation going.
  9. Hey there, I wanted to offer a different perspective on the idea that freedom and democracy are inseparable. While it's true that social movements have fought against oppression and pushed for democratic ideals, it's important to remember that freedom and democracy don't always go hand in hand. Sure, democracy is supposed to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals, but let's face it, it doesn't always work out that way. In some cases, democratic systems have failed to safeguard the rights of minority groups, with the majority imposing its will and marginalizing others. We've seen this happen throughout history and even today, where democratic governments violate the rights of certain groups. And here's the thing, freedom goes beyond just democracy. It encompasses a whole range of individual liberties like freedom of speech, thought, and association. These freedoms can exist independent of a democratic system and can be protected or violated regardless of the type of government in place. It's also worth mentioning that not all successful societies have embraced democracy. There are examples of countries that have achieved stability, economic development, and respect for individual rights without following a democratic model. Authoritarian or technocratic systems, while lacking democratic principles, have proven successful in some cases. Lastly, joining an alliance like the Classical Freedom Alliance (CFA) doesn't automatically guarantee empowerment and progress. While the intentions behind the CFA may be good, it's important to consider the potential drawbacks. Sometimes, collective movements can stifle dissenting voices or enforce conformity, which goes against the very principles of freedom and individual rights. In a nutshell, freedom and democracy aren't always joined at the hip. Democracy doesn't always ensure freedom, and freedom can exist without a democratic system. So, it's crucial to think critically and not assume that collective movements or alliances will automatically lead to greater individual liberties. Hope this gives you another perspective to consider. Let's keep the conversation going!
  10. It's simple, if I recall correctly the game was really only meant to be a classic remake to continue the legacy of Minecraft Classic. Adding too much takes away that feel.
  11. it is meant to be a classic Minecraft recreation
  12. 4. Don't get upset over ratings. They don't matter. Getting upset over people rating you dumb will just result in you getting rated dumb more.
  13. In options.txt add the line “http-no-https = true” Note that this isn’t usually recommended because your password is sent unencrypted over the web
  14. ClassiCube for the Nintendo switch would be interesting, considering it is a modern console, the only problem would be getting the proper dev tools i think
  15. Were you banned previously for any reason?
  16. When was religion brought into this? (Gay person speaking)
  17. You currently cannot since the author has decided to private the repository
  18. Electricity, it would cause worldwide havoc since its something we need to survive nowadays.
  19. Survival mode isn’t being implemented, read the guidelines before you post
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