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  1. WIN-NER! Lol can you post like an amazon link? I haven't seen this set before AND I NEED IT! 😄
  2. Ohhh, i didn't realize thats what the modes meant lol, I'm dumb 😛 thanks
  3. What if Classicube had special player capes that could be rewarded to players. Like a cape with the classicube logo on it pixelated if you sign up for the forums with your account. Or YT, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc capes for linking accounts of them on your profile. Or a special one unlocked in the steam download to show you purchased it. Or even one you get by joining the discord. The possibilities for fun player capes for everyone via unique codes could be endless! 😄
  4. None. it just doesn't load custom models or textures. Doesn't even show an option to.
  5. Pwn


    oof that sucks.
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