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  1. Krita is a good choice for pixel art.
  2. Can you change which email you use on ClassicCube? I need to login on another device.
  3. I read through all of it just now and I'm laughing my ass off!!!! It's the definition of embarrassing. We gotta get bleach for Andrews eyes.
  4. If I had 10 seconds to choose I would choose "Why did I get Banned From The Discord Kid"
  5. Achs

    Super Mario War

    If you know what happened to the creator...you know.
  6. Achs

    Super Mario War

    Does anyone remember this game? http://smwstuff.net/
  7. Achs

    Good Bye

    I wasn't here was PCat talking to me? POV your PCat rn: "Furiosly emailing Microsoft and Mojang trying to get ClassiCube banned while not thinking about how much legal trouble this could get himself in because Microsoft doesn't care and can't do anything about ClassiCube."
  8. Achs

    Good Bye

    Good Bye the funniest forum thread ever heres my send off for it. November 29, 2022 - December 10, 2022 (its a shit post i made on an online video editor) https://clipchamp.com/watch/hEj7slpnsIe
  9. I've always found interest in Error screens this is the most interesting one I've found. https://www.classicube.net/testing404screen Anything can be written that doesn't usually have a page.
  10. I'ma now go on google maps for the rest of time until i find your address. (JOKING BTW tbh I hope I don't have to put JOKING BTW on this forum. I left Twitter a bit ago so Twitter probably has something to do with me feeling like I have to make it clear like its a joke or its sarcasm.)
  11. Looks like someone had a fun night with crayola. (in a good way) Very vibrant and nice!
  12. "I know I was kicked for "mocking" the LGBT community which was never intended. But, I never got a reason why I was banned from the Discord." POV your this mf after getting banned from the fourms: I bet you he still thinks that he got banned wrongfully
  13. https://www.amazon.com/LEGO-Iconic-Christmas-Wreath-Advent/dp/B08KPMLJTH
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