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  1. Lol, sounds like my parents, they don't want to do anything for thanksgiving, but I want to go do crazy things like 1v1 my sister in soccer
  2. Have you restarted the computer? That helps my computer a lot, otherwise, you might just get a new computer cus I don't know any other way to change my skin. It would help a lot if you could also take a screenshot of what your are seeing with the URL too. I might be able to know whats going on.
  3. Post what you did for thanksgiving. I finished my battleship on NA2, and got a Nintendo switch online from my dad's sister. Had our house invaded by 12 guests as well.
  4. I would get rid of war. Its just bad, and basically a crime in some ways.
  5. Just go to https://skin.classicube.net and then you can change your skin from there. If you are trying to upload a skin, then idk any other method to upload. If classicube skinswatch still doesnt work, then I would consider getting a new computer.
  6. A ghost skin would look cool and i think that it would also be a good skin to start trolling people
  7. hey hanpy. u probably dont know me. lol
  8. Probably an airline pilot. The only thing that I think is good for me. otherwise, ill go to the USAF.
  9. GIMME -1000 rep. I wanna ruin my reputation to see what happens.
  10. If you want to participate in the Champion Challenges on not awesome 2, please tell me below. The challenges will be on the 3rd level, in the building on Ancolsonli+ today at 8pm. This is one of 3 chances to get a gold placing! Good luck for u all who wanna compete
  11. Which big buttons. If u were an ant that could read, all of the buttons would be big. So, lets press all of them. *Game lags*
  12. Yes, I've seen it tell me that "Your 40 day free trial has ended" and then it said something about paying to continue
  13. Well, AlboDichi deleted those maps, and it's fine to just call the server "Zombie Survival". Many servers have a form of Zombie survival, so I wouldn't worry too much. AlboDichi also became aware of that too.
  14. Well, on McGalaxy, you can get I think up to 20-40 days free, and then you might have to pay a little. Idk how much though. But, If you want to start your own server that's 5 bucks a month, it's worth it but only if people actually join it. Otherwise, it's just sitting there and your basically wasting 5 dollars a month. So, just pay attention on the number of players joining, or your paying for nothing.
  15. your gonna get banned. one word posts/replies WILL get you banned.
  16. Use /os map motd -hax It should work.
  17. Yeah, covid stinks. I have to get super sweaty with a face mask on. So it just stinks. If i could, I would destroy who started covid!
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