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  1. This already exists as another thread. Please refrain from making duplicate posts! There is a search feature you can use to help find threads to see if they already exist!
  2. Bring this up to the staff of the server, not here, thanks.
  3. Have you tried asking the guys over at brick hill? They might be able to help, idk.
  4. Shut up, thx. Our forums are not for server drama. Please bring server discussion to your own forums or private messaging.
  5. Excuse, me. These are rabbits, not cats.
  6. That is the rain texture if you use the Downloaded Client. Here is the rain texture if you use the Web Client, Steam Client, Android Client, et cetera.
  7. Rain is not an animated texture. It is a 2d sprite that just shifts along the vertical axis based on weather speed.
  8. No, they cannot change their username.
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