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  1. 123DontMessWitMe


    That "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" is cased by your browser trying to blanket upgrade the HTTP URL into HTTPS and the website trying to downgrade it back to HTTP because that is what the web client requires. Unfortunately, there are no proper fully working workarounds that we know of at this time, so you will need to try with a different browser, if possible, or use a device that you can use the downloadable client on.
  2. Sorry, this is the mainland of West Taiwan, you have no rights here.
  3. Yes No the socks suck -john
  4. That has long since been removed. There is no, nor will ever be, an official survival mode in the ClassiCube client.
  5. Sorry, but accounts cannot be fully deleted. You could change your account email and password to something random to effectively delete it though.
  6. For example, you could use the command like this, /CustomColors add r Rainbow F #FFFFFF
  7. The file on GitHub is VenkSurvival.cs, if it is looking for venksurvival.cs it won't find it. You will need to type out VenkSurvival or rename the file to venksurvival.cs
  8. You already have a post asking for plugin help, there is absolutely no need to make multiple posts. And the error states exactly what you need to know, the file is either not in the folder, or case sensitivity issues where what you are typing is not the exact same as the file.
  9. Only AndrewPH receives any of the money from Steam/Patreon/Itch.io and it goes directly into website hosting costs, but it all helps and we appreciate it none the less.
  10. Unfortunately, accounts cannot be deleted due to the nature of how they are used throughout the servers and player API. Specifically, the username itself and player ID. You could effectively delete it by changing the email address and password to something random on the Account Page. This would prevent the username from ever being used or recovered. If you have further inquiries or quarrels with this statement, please directly contact a Site Admin on here or on our Discord, which can be found under the "Other Stuff" tab of the forums, or at the bottom footer of the main website.
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