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  1. This is not a double neo because you are using liquid physics to get further off the block than you normally would be able to using just air due to the block offset to prevent z-fighting.
  2. Yes. It is a false positive. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/709373defd790b354d0f8a720518c8841dc47bc4736789f001327183baf12c6e/detection
  3. Who knows or cares. This isn't the place to ask.
  4. Who knows or cares. This isn't the place to ask.
  5. Your browser doesn't support iframes
  6. No. Servers can already do this using CPE.
  7. They were talking about Java Edition vs Windows 10, aka Bedrock Edition Minecraft for Windows 10 - • Starter Collection $29.99 • Master Collection $49.99 Minecraft Java Edition - $26.95
  8. This already exists as another thread. Please refrain from making duplicate posts! There is a search feature you can use to help find threads to see if they already exist!
  9. Bring this up to the staff of the server, not here, thanks.
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