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  1. That is an issue with podman seen here: https://github.com/containers/podman/discussions/10472#discussioncomment-786655
  2. Press 'ESC" > Hit 'Options...' > Hit 'Hacks settings..." > Disable "WOM style hacks"
  3. If you are using MCGalaxy, you could use the /reachdistance command to change your own reach distance.
  4. The whole point of uploading something to GitHub is that it is the source itself you are uploading. Please refrain from giving out DLL files without explicitly showing the source of the plugin itself, in this case, hell.c, without having to rely on the user downloading the zip file, extracting, and then seeing what the source is. I recommend using the Releases feature of GitHub for providing the DLL download as well so that the only thing in the repo is the plugin source. You could also look into GitHub actions to automatically compile the DLL as well instead of providing your own compiled DLL. Otherwise, looks like a neat plugin.
  5. Here is a quick one liner Command.Find("SetRank").Use(Player.Console, p.name + " " + "RankToSetThemTo" + " " + "Reason For Rank");
  6. It is not unfair or unreasonable as they are freely accessible by anyone, unfair would be if they were hidden behind an account system that requires paid access to get the assets, but in this hypothetical situation, we provided a way around that to gain access. Things like MultiMC/PolyMC/GDLauncher/Mojang Launcher, all access these files the exact same way we do.
  7. The steam, itch.io, and webclient versions are distributed with our own locally sourced assets. We do not redistribute any Mojang assets. The standalone client, Windows/Mac/Linux/Android, asks if you want to download them directly from Mojang servers. Redistributing them would mean that we provide their assets from our own servers, which is not occurring, as it is acquired directly from Mojang to your device.
  8. Oh no, you caught us green handed. You found some secret hidden(not secret(not hidden(fully open source)))...string values... ...of the files that are grabbed directly off of the mojang servers. Which makes them, surprise surprise, not redistributed.
  9. The web client does not support sound because of limitation issues. Edit: The web client does support sounds, and will play them if you turn up the Sound volume in the settings, it just doesn't have music. Client plugins can easily support playing sounds as you could just code in your own support or use an external library. (For example, I was able to use BASS.dll to create a custom sound plugin) And you could also simply make a corresponding server plugin to be used with that client plugin.
  10. everyone posting screenshots, hack the system and place the embeddable widget itself into your post like a real cchad
  11. Yes, there have been a few official servers, the main one being presented in this timelapse.
  12. MCGalaxy has an /import command that can be used to import compatible world files into the server. It will attempt to also load the custom blocks as LevelBlocks To use it, either place the file into the ./extra/import/ directory, or upload it somewhere you would have a direct URL to, and then use /import [filename or URL]
  13. It became like, 0.001% awesome, so the name no longer applied. Had to take it down. (It will be back up(soon?))
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