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  1. The server "PowerBlockFork" on the list (http://www.classicube.net/server/list/) is still listed but while it seems to be accepting TCP/IP connections it's not responding to the client hello. Not even with an "I hate you" message. Is it possible to identify/"poke" the owner on here ?
  2. The chance of getting a modern SSL connection with Win-XP's built in SSL libraries is pretty low. For classicube.net's SSL you need: TLS1.0 or higher; this probably needs to be turned on by default (A regedit setting) SHA256 for your certificate ... I don't think Microsoft ever did this on pre Windows-7 SNI compatibility? The second one needs specific updates to be downloaded and even on W7 it's temperamental, fragile and reportedly incomplete. So even though SSLlabs says the protocol is compatible, I think you'll find the connection will fail. I think Cloudflare requires SNI though ssllabs doesn't mention this; if it does you're stuck too. Using the OpenSSL or similar libraries would work on old windows, but that's likely a major change. Using an Stunnel proxy at the client end might work though.
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