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  1. See yah some day Furious o/ Don't forget to visit your best friends again ♥
  2. ostriches and penguins be like:
  3. No Astral Dream???? How p a t h e t i c
  4. If you want to be a builder, start building already! No matter where, just start doing that and increase your building skills. Simply go to the Not Awesome 2 or NewBlood [Map Build] or anywhere else. AND START. BUILDING. If you keep building, you'll reach your building limits and everyone will probably like it, so keep it up mah boi!
  5. MasterMen

    About Bot AI

    /botset <bot> stare Also can try "nod", "hunt", "spin", "spinfast" etc. Literally malding at aleksb385 cuz i just spent like 5m to login into my account from the phone to write a post.
  6. Beta 1.5_01, Release 1.1, Release 1.5.2 and PS Vita Edition
  7. Just can't fit in Top5, so here's Top15 (But i'm still not sure about it) Don't cut off other 10 songs, they're all great. 01 [2000] Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely 02 [2000] Radiohead - Ideotique 03 [2007] Radiohead - Reckoner 04 [2005] Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. 05 [2007] Dave Gahan - A Little Lie 06 [2009] Deadmau5 - Hi Friend! (feat. MC Flipside) 07 [2002] Pet Shop Boys - E-Mail 08 [1991] Nirvana - In Bloom 09 [2012] Pet Shop Boys - Leaving 10 [1997] Depeche Mode - Home 11 [2010] Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill 12 [2003] Dave Gahan - Goodbye 13 [2018] Gorillaz - Fire Flies 14 [1986] Depeche Mode - A Question of Time 15 [1982] Depeche Mode - The Sun & the Rainfall I'd more like to make Top5/Top10/Top15 your favourite Albums or just music tracks instead of the songs.
  8. Why do we need this texture pack? Moreover, everyone can do the same thing. in Paint.NET: <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <U> and high the saturation up.
  9. What is possum? Baby don't hurt me... Don't hurt me... No more...
  10. I think there's a hidden deep-deep meaning in that gray texture pack, like what if actually the whole life was put just into the texture pack, so this how it would be looking like. I find it interesting cuz life sometimes gives me a lemon, but for some reasons, it's gray... and it's no wonders, beacuse my whole life can be gray too just like this lemon, it's just a question of time and a question of how stupid am i going to be in the future. So yeah. Don't make mistakes! Draw a colorful texture pack and your life is going to be more brighter! P.S. If your life is already black and white, saturation won't help, use something else.
  11. FL Studio 20.7 + Sytrus + 80s Drums Pack
  12. lmao it's not even a tip, but okay i feel like i need to rephrase it, so... "Pro Tip: Ask yourself before you do anything" "are you going to cook?" "are you sure you want to cook?" "are you the one who ACTUALLY CAN cook?" "if you are sure about that it's okay and you can start, yay" uhm, Happy Thanksgiving, however i don't celebrate it in my country :P
  13. try Batch or Bash rly good choise btw, your nickname is Darky64. You should try QBasic64, it might be old but still working and being updated, you can do a lot of stuff using it. So, why not? huh. LMAO, JUST KIDDING. (or not?) You can try Python 3 or Lua or JavaScript, they are very good and i'd recommend them to use. i used all of them and i can say these are nice thing. Currently coding on Lua :P but i can't program on Lua for a very long time as a general Programming Language, it's not enough to only use it, so one day i will start to use C or C++. But for the beginners Lua is pretty easy.
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