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  1. tis is not me me not created tis problem, i am not afraid i am sory if i did something aobut ti
  2. Take mine texture pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tztzacawdjixum/AyDee v1b4.zip
  3. You can also create yedit in ClassiCube 👍
  4. woah, dude, woah... I thought i was ready for this alr, closing AD now GOODBYE 😦
  5. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE everydayyy wohoooo, boom boom! that's what we doo bee doo bee doo!
  6. You can join just an AMAZING server, it's now 1 year o... wait, is an advertisement allowed here? ughhghghhghhh.......
  7. Here's my list (From Last.FM) I don't particularly listen to these songs everytime. I was just listening to the random releases at the moment. 1. Rezz - Sacrificial (feat. PVRIS) 2. Rezz - Let Me In (feat. fknsyd) 3. Radiohead - The Gloaming 4. Radiohead- We Suck Young Blood 5. Radiohead - Where I End and You Begin Rezz's songs are from her last album "Spiral" released in 2021.11.19 Radiohead's songs are from their album "Hail to The Thief released in 2003.06.09
  8. If you want to be a builder, start building already! No matter where, just start doing that and increase your building skills. Simply go to the Not Awesome 2 or NewBlood [Map Build] or anywhere else. AND START. BUILDING. If you keep building, you'll reach your building limits and everyone will probably like it, so keep it up mah boi!
  9. try Batch or Bash rly good choise btw, your nickname is Darky64. You should try QBasic64, it might be old but still working and being updated, you can do a lot of stuff using it. So, why not? huh. LMAO, JUST KIDDING. (or not?) You can try Python 3 or Lua or JavaScript, they are very good and i'd recommend them to use. i used all of them and i can say these are nice thing. Currently coding on Lua :P but i can't program on Lua for a very long time as a general Programming Language, it's not enough to only use it, so one day i will start to use C or C++. But for the beginners Lua is pretty easy.
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