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  1. Hellenion

    Making Textures

    I use gimp or mtpaint. They're ok at best.
  2. More and more topics I've already read are appearing in my unread content feed, what's going on? I don't recall messing with the filter, which looks ok with "Read Status: Unread"
  3. it helps because it makes the chat more readable.
  4. Blocks like that might work differently on each server, so it's useful to tell which one you're on.
  5. 1. what server software are you running 2. Most server's can't do it. So you'll have to copy-paste the stuff to the middle of the map
  6. https://wiki.vg/Classic_Protocol_Extension#BlockPermissions https://wiki.vg/Classic_Protocol_Extension#HackControl
  7. Hellenion

    map motd

    You can send a new server identification with MOTD [at any time](https://wiki.vg/Classic_Protocol_Extension#InstantMOTD)
  8. If this is the case then why do I have a playerdb with over ten thousand entries.
  9. Build the stuff shown on the Wikipedia front page
  10. use an NBT editor to delete the textures tag.
  11. as far as I can see there's no map to practice spleef on Puissant
  12. I like how everyone keeps explaining the same thing and it gets more confusing after each post.
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