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  1. as far as I can see there's no map to practice spleef on Puissant
  2. I like how everyone keeps explaining the same thing and it gets more confusing after each post.
  3. What's the server called and how late / what timezone can we expect it?
  4. Saw someone make a hearth model in another question: What is this? I don't see any way to specify a new model in the CPE I'm interested in: Is this vanilla classicube? Whence does the client retrieve model information? What model formats does the client support? Can a server tell a client about a new model? How?
  5. Oh look it's another "ClassiCube only has one server " episode.
  6. Wanted to get a copy of my render so I clicked "Remove profile picture" but it didn't come back. Save your render before you change your picture, guys.
  7. You can test some of this with the help of a friend. Friend runs straight forward, you run a straight 45 strafe, see if there's a difference after 100 blocks. Same for run-jumping.
  8. use discord rich presence
  9. Absolute favourite was sedimentology, especially for long-running servers. Very old though. Dimensional Doors is a lot of fun too... but really my favourite mods are tiny and cosmetic: Nyx: useless but pretty meteors Owls: useless but pretty Serene Seasons Stiched Snow: Snow will slowly pile up Spice of life: makes you use multiple food sources Void fog butterflies: useless but pretty hardcore darkness: removes the minimum light that's always present DesirePaths: Wears down grass as its walked on to create naturally formed dirt paths
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