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Found 2 results

  1. Smallworld is a new map some NA2 staff and I worked on this past summer, making it the 15th adventure series in the larger Shrine series of maps. I decided to record some of the parkour challenge courses featured on the map because I think it's pretty unique gameplay for Classicube, using some mechanics like walljumping, wallrunning, pole vaulting, dashing, climbing etc. to make entirely new types of parkour not seen in classic creative before. Shoutouts to the mario64 plugin that beat me to the punch, but I dunno if there have been any maps extensively developed for that. If you want to check Smallworld out, it's part of an adventure map on NA2 that starts at the diner in the doomtown map.
  2. 🏆 28th August 2023 Team Puissant are pleased to announce that we are hosting a Parkour Map Making Competition. We are looking to see who can build the best parkour map. If maps are good enough, there is a chance that they will be added into our parkour gamemode. To sign up, simply create a map on the Puissant Royale server with /os map add and /os go. ⏳ The competition will end on the 30th of September/1st of October. 👮 Rules: 1. Do not copy/paste builds from other maps. 2. Teams are allowed, but no more than three people may work on a map. 3. You may use the trees in /g trees. 4. In order to be eligible to receive awards, your map must be at least 50% finished. 5. Players may work on multiple maps but will only receive awards for their highest-scoring map. 6. Maps must be built on the Puissant Royale server. 7. Maps must be made for the purpose of this competition. Any entries that were built prior will not be accepted. 📋 Criteria: Technical Execution: /10 - Are the parkour elements well-implemented and function as intended? - Does the build include a variety of different types of jumps? Creativity and Originality: /10 - Does the map introduce unique and innovative elements? - Are there creative approaches to obstacles that players haven't encountered before? - Does the map exhibit a distinct style that sets it apart from others? Difficulty and Accessibility: /10 - How well does the map balance difficulty? Is it challenging without being frustrating? - Does the map have a clear and concise path? - Are there alternative routes or paths for players with varying skill levels? Aesthetics and Atmosphere: /10 - How well do the visuals contribute to the overall atmosphere and immersion? - Are there thematic details and ambiance that enhance the player's connection to the map? Engagement and Fun Factor: /10 - How engaging is the map? Does it keep players entertained and motivated to complete it? - Does the map provide a sense of accomplishment upon completion? 💰 Rewards: 🥇 1st = 5000 tokens + Winner title on server + @🏆 Tournament Winner role on Discord. 🥈 2nd = 3000 tokens 🥉 3rd = 2000 tokens 4th-8th = 1000 tokens 8th+ = 500 tokens If you are building in a team, tokens will be given to the leader to distribute how they see fit. There will also be a separate prize for the most difficult parkour map: 2500 tokens. If you are building for this type, +respawn must be included in the map's MOTD. Best of luck to everybody competing and we look forward to seeing your maps!
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