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  1. Sorry, can't say I have that planned for now. It would be ideal because the latency issues suck but it'd take a full rewrite and I'd have to find the time / interest for it.
  2. Smallworld is a new map some NA2 staff and I worked on this past summer, making it the 15th adventure series in the larger Shrine series of maps. I decided to record some of the parkour challenge courses featured on the map because I think it's pretty unique gameplay for Classicube, using some mechanics like walljumping, wallrunning, pole vaulting, dashing, climbing etc. to make entirely new types of parkour not seen in classic creative before. Shoutouts to the mario64 plugin that beat me to the punch, but I dunno if there have been any maps extensively developed for that. If you want to check Smallworld out, it's part of an adventure map on NA2 that starts at the diner in the doomtown map.
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