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Found 3 results

  1. my channel is ildeh i upload random things
  2. The recent event of adding PvP to McGalaxy created a PvP community inside ClassiCube (and a personal achievement of me reaching 100 posts on the CC fourms). We call an event! We are hosting an event at MegaLands KitPVP and we invite all the streamers and youtubers of classicube onboard (and even non-youtubers are invited!). We have a total of 16 slots open (~ spots left!), so first come first serve! We are basing this as an MC Monday type event! So it will take place on Monday, February 8th at 3PM EST (Convert your time if I havent already in the comments). I also call on any of the CC Builders out there to make the wonderful arena that we will be hosting it in! I hope to see you all there! (If you want to join in say "I want to join" in the comments below including your socials if you have any) (We also need substitutes in case someone doesn't show up! So if you say "I want to join" and all spots are filled you will be a substitute) Any questions or are you a builder? Contact me on discord at Matthew132#0132 or on ClassiCube DM's Organizers: @Matthew132 - Head Organizer/Founder @Swoozy - Co-Head Organizer/Co-Founder @AnarchyDarkWolf - Organizer People attending (~/16): @MegaPVP - YT: William Webb - Twitter: Offical_X74 @police_1234 - YT: Deondre Chambers @kaikai - YT: Kai NotPog @mintzyonyt - No Socials Known @Ninja_King - (Socials Pending) @minecraft_1589 - (Socials Pending) @Tango__12 - (Socials Pending) @Yeet_Skeet34 - (Socials Pending) @megaboi - (Socials Pending) @SpicyCombo - (Socials Pending) (Not fully updated, still need to add @Tango__12, @Yeet_Skeet34, and @megaboi - Last Update: Feb. 5, 2021) Some conversions: PST - 12PM CST - 2PM ET (United Kingdom) - 8PM (DM me on discord or on CC DM's if you need more conversions)
  3. I dont like pewdiepie anymore, here are some reasons why he SUCKS 1. He says dirty things, like saying words like "big pp" 2. He uses the lords name in vein! As a Christian myself, this offends me, He says "goddammit" wich is using the lords name in vein. 3. Swearing, pewdiepie back then use to swear in almost ALL OF HIS VIDEOS, he even said the n-word once! Luckily he rarely swears now 4. He dosent belive in God! YES THATS RIGHT pewdiepie is not Christian, if pewdiepie was christian he wolud never use The lords name in vein. And I will stop watching pewdiepie now, God told me to stop watching him. If pewdiepie existed as a TV star before God was taken out of schools and He wolud, never swear, or use the lords name in vein Watch unspeakable instead Remember this is just my opinion so dont hate me I feel liek thejkid leaving roblox now I am gonna get a -9999 community reputation by the pepole who dont understand that it's just my opinion because of this post
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