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  1. hi guys long time no see i dont quitted classicube i played this because of getting bans on old roblox revivals so i explorered other revival then i found classicube am not as active as before but everyone who dowloaded my old texture packs i thank the persons who dowloaded my textures packs so now the important message i will not as active also i will not stop playing classicube i maybe play classicube some time in the future thank u guys for creating this commnity screenshot of me playing rhodum
  2. 🙂am not dead
  3. i play on easter roblox egg hunt but its canseled 😞
  4. It says me the server is down
  5. yes thats it am going to make more textures packs Random icon
  6. this can be the classicube 2021 april fools
  7. my channel is ildeh i upload random things
  8. [redacted] that is the site mc.js The github of this copy is cloused by dmca
  9. Yea amogus app is very sus Wait what
  10. Amogus want have permmision of your location
  11. Android virus are mostly chinese
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