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  1. Game called "Minecraft" is a thing bruh
  2. shadows

    Models Help 2

    I think you should ask around servers you're playing on instead of making multiple forum threads with single/short questions.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's map 'newminicity' on Not Awesome 2.
  4. But... why report cheater on anarchy server that doesn't have ANY rules?
  5. You can set the public server as 'whitelisted' in configuration files.
  6. Not really, but you can host a private Mcgalaxy server just for you.
  7. shadows


    Isn't kinda obvious that you can join a server and play together?
  8. This is literally tutorial how to save a multiplayer map ._.
  9. So after getting tempbanned for 2 days on NA2 its time to evade forums ban, huh?
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