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  1. But... why report cheater on anarchy server that doesn't have ANY rules?
  2. You can set the public server as 'whitelisted' in configuration files.
  3. Not really, but you can host a private Mcgalaxy server just for you.
  4. shadows


    Isn't kinda obvious that you can join a server and play together?
  5. This is literally tutorial how to save a multiplayer map ._.
  6. Singleplayer: You need to get a zip with textures and put it in: *classicube directory*/texpacks/ Now change the texturepack via pause menu in-game. Multiplayer: You need to upload texturepack zip to dropbox (or anything that has got direct link sharing option), choose "share" option after uploading, then do this command: /os map texturepack *press ctrl+v here* I hope this helped ^^
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