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  1. Talk to deadkiller101, if you have any questions.
  2. Alright but anywayz ima hop of these fourms
  3. Lmao and for the head's up, dont dox people on MiniCraft. And like i said, I dealt with it
  4. Hes banned cause doxxing is not allowed
  5. ProWolf


    Ok thxs!! venk So... i did try that but it still didnt work, like i tried it on everyone in my server and it still didnt work. Am i missing a plugin or something cause they are not taken damage.
  6. @Goodly Any staff please close this thread I changed the name to MiniCraft so now hop off
  7. Hey! Just to let you know, this is classicube not Csgo. Your best bett, is to ask on Counter strike. for help on there fourm website!
  8. ProWolf

    Happy new years!

    Bro if you just gonna get on me for spelling just stop looking at my post's then you dont have to look at them @masoncb and your new year's resolution should be Mind your bussiness
  9. ProWolf

    Happy new years!

    If you gonna be like this, just stop replying to my post's then.
  10. ProWolf

    Happy new years!

    Happy new years, Classicube community! Today i am here to share my New year resolution. 1. Manage to host 4 websites at once 2. Dont get banned off any server's 3. Dont get muted off any server's Fell free to share you new year's resolutions!
  11. Please, stop hy was suppose to mean to me is Happy and yay to me ik hypixel thats why im changing my server name and can someone lock this thread please
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