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  1. aether mod and betadays aether cuz wow first mod and betadays cuz i like retro stuff and NO HUNGER BABY! watch a tutorial of how to download forge
  2. uhhh finobe thats good play roblox and swear in it amazing
  3. sonic 3d blast shows a pic of sm64 amazing i love this
  4. 😮 relogic coolest thing ive seen on this forum relogic i like ok
  5. it's custom blocks, you can only make custom blocks in servers.
  6. Tou


    either learn how to code or wait a long time for that to be made
  7. scratch if u want to make some browser games
  8. i have 2 my first one is boss 1 terraria then boss 2 terraria
  9. i think this is what ur tryna say Imagine if Konekokitten made a video on classicube, however it would ruin the game community because it would be filled with roblox players and some ogs/classic players will call it a minecraft creative ripoff
  10. nice server, i made a magma pond in freebuild
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