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  1. I've been wanting the Steam version of ClassiCube so I can support the game and have easier access to the game (I really like using steam), so yeah, just wanting to know.
  2. Processor: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) 17-12700F 2.10GHz RAM: 16 GB Ram (Unknown who it's made by) Graphics Card: NVIDIA RTX 3070 Storage: 512gb SSD and 1TB HDD Monitor: MSI G241 Keyboard: CORSAIR K63 Wired Mouse: CORSAIR Harpoon RGB Pro
  3. Engineering or a 3d artist, they look pretty intresting.
  4. i dunt celebrate christmas but if i did. i would like minecraft bedrock to stop being a money maker
  5. Tou


    Opinion on it? i personally find it a really good game.
  6. do nothing because i live in the uk but if i did live in the us get a decent a house and then get a gaming pc, ok done
  7. modern warfare mod (i think its called) i can shoot the ender dragon with a minigun that has been my dream since i was born
  8. aether mod and betadays aether cuz wow first mod and betadays cuz i like retro stuff and NO HUNGER BABY! watch a tutorial of how to download forge
  9. scratch if u want to make some browser games
  10. buy a decent house and go get a gaming rtx pc thats it i dont want mansion btw
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