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  1. cookn bakeies i understand now why they're call bacon and cookies it doesnt sound right
  2. ur mom funny plz laugh and yes ive been gone for 50 million years
  3. do nothing because i live in the uk but if i did live in the us get a decent a house and then get a gaming pc, ok done
  4. if he doesnt exist then why does he have an account dun dun diddly dun
  5. java 1.8 look i like the no combat
  6. modern warfare mod (i think its called) i can shoot the ender dragon with a minigun that has been my dream since i was born
  7. so you're trying to get the same amount of posts as numbers in ur user i dont think that sounds right
  8. Tou

    im new here

    play servers, have fun, go on the forums sometimes and yeah
  9. so its 4x4 with a beautiful sky looks pretty cool
  10. throwing my gaming pc when i was mad that was dumb bruh i threw it one time only that pc sucks
  11. it can be anything like a remix of a song just anything mine are crap i forgot train rush
  12. now people know im not herobrine under the glasses crap but seriously i like this update
  13. hmm idk its either me.... or me.... wait no its sleeping with jeans on
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