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  1. Hello!, remember all the people who signed up for the cc olympics it starts in 8 minutes at Rca club!
  2. I don't mean to be rude but why did you need a reason?
  3. Ok thanks 😄 Hello staff if you see this plz just lock it
  4. Again THIS IS OLD Someone please delete this
  5. Hello, i would like to be admin because i am okay at building and just good at following rules i hope that in the future we can work together (also i need the clout) ;D
  6. did you know this was about a month ago? lmao can someone close this
  7. yes do not pretend to be someone u arent just to gain attention
  8. Honesltly the best server is "Drum roll" RCA Club! WHoooo it feels good to get that off my chest
  9. Hello i would me glad to help! Also what kind of maps? Oop i didnt read the whole thing
  10. The contest is over, Doge_Factor said he shutdown the server ok have yall have a good day 😄
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