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  1. Please build me thanks -iuhi
  2. Hello everyone i just want to tell u a funny story, today i met this guy and his nick was blitz at first i did not know who he was then a minute later i did "/WhoNick Blitz" and it said that it was CounterTerrorist and i just started talkin to him he said the he has loss of memory and i asked him how old he was he said "11" i told him u dont have a loss of memory he said "yes" i said "no" then i finally said Counter why are u liying and he said "Fuck they have found me out" he left the game xd. well ill see u guys around bye bye.
  3. well i did not say every server i said every Freebuild server xd
  4. What i hate the most is all those ppl that are just rude for no reason callin ppl assholes and just straight out are being a a pain in the ass
  5. I will, put one Mcdonalds in every freebuild server, wish me luck 😄 (at least ill try :c)
  6. What i like on my sandwiches is.... hmmm...... 2 peices of sourdough bread with lettuce and some Steak, Cheddar cheese, and some mayonaise MMmmmmmm... 🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪
  7. I eat choclolate all day also Happy Easter!
  8. Welcome Hee_man Hop u have a good time here And make freinds 🙂
  9. Well i cant if i am banned How am i supposed to tell them if i am banned?
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