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  1. ok so i was on na2 and i saw the old man on my map but theres no bots https://www.dropbox.com/s/klm34gvq5q63oze/Screenshot%202022-10-13%206.01.10%20PM.png?dl=0
  2. grass gives me a migraine not even kidding when i go outside i have to use a respirator mask
  3. Hi Everyone, I was wondering, if any of you have Gamejolt, will you please follow me! :D thanks!
  4. yo can someone join me on na2 im frickin bored
  5. InvertedPanda


    i need help on faust for the london, 1888 part i finished it nvm
  6. ok i have 2 textures on blockbench. how do i merge them?
  7. Ok, so on NA2, I need to know, how can i grab the URL of the BlockBench model?
  8. InvertedPanda


    ok i need help i want to be able to code but i cant download crap cuz im fucking on a chromebook and i dont have money to buy a pc also who wants 10,000 ball pit balls dont ask why i have them just dont
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