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  1. Block ManGo(i dont like the game because pay to win, i play skyblock instead), classicalcaba, counter strike and gta games, then sonic, mario, grass simulator, backrooms.
  2. SB

    Super Mario War

    I'm better. oh anyways why did that image appear Please
  3. I did now, it's ruined. 😞
  4. i know, it's a admin place. and s x too
  5. Just kidding! Unfortunately, i'm sorry to say this, i don't like this art, i give it as 0/10
  6. SB


    yeah, i can help you just make a military skin and why my text is red bro what, that thing appeared hope it helped what that medal appeared.
  7. i know i know it's a admin hangout and s x no no, i meant nothing.
  8. SB

    IRC bot

    go to line 138 on server.properties and find irc = make it "true" and find irc-channel = For example: #sbiscoolandalwayscool or if you want add op too find irc-opchannel = for another example: #sbiscoolop4202020200 don't show your opchannel name or else kids gonna go to your irc server and start spamming admin commands, to stop change it
  9. Buy a minecraft and download an 0.30 survival test then run it If you are poor or live in a tent just play nas (not awesome survival) Hope it helped1!1!
  10. Definitely a good idea. I guess Classy Cuby won't be adding that coolest thing.
  11. Same, need help from making a MCGalaxy server using repl.it
  12. SB

    Super Mario War

    The most confusing part is you don't got banned. Waiting to see you get banned.
  13. cassy cuba is dead no more popular game in top 10 videos (sad)
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