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  1. wait why isent my answer said as best are your reply is??? lol cc fourms is weird
  2. Well you can take a look at /help for all commands that your server has as I do not know what you are using to host. You can allso talk to Iron_zic he is pretty good at cmds.
  3. Big woop (I hope I dont get banned for this)
  4. As of October 2020, Classicube does not have redstone itself. Some options are using commands or making a plugin since CC is open source.
  5. Did you get the Image Link and not a file link just dropped in?
  6. You can get the image link of a skin and in a server do /skin [link]... if you want that to be your perm skin you have to download that skin then upload it
  7. I am also interested in this topic... I am a moderator on some servers and am conflicted if it is ok for hate or racial speech to be allowed... So is it a company wide rule or just a fourm rule...
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