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  1. Don'y bring CC Tournament Topics in posts regarding CC Monday. The only reason you created CC Tournament is because you invited all the people CC Monday denies.
  2. Wtf mate. Also, the CC Monday Team have seen their mistakes and have worked on them. You have great backlash from the community I doubt your going to get players. Imagine copy and pasting my thing just because I said it good and you can't come up with something better. Just stop. - Matthew132 Head Organizer - Founder CC Monday - CC Monday Team
  3. Please do not take drama here, if you want to sign up as I said go to the website.
  4. Um... wdym yours? CC Monday is not yours. Also, I'm giving everyone a fair chance, I'm doing background checks on everybody.
  5. You will do a form on the website, you are not confirmed in or out as we are dong background checks on every player. You may be denied. Please, do the form, and don't ask here on the forum post.
  6. Go to the website. Instructions will be there.
  7. I think it's an issue on your side because I can join just fine. You can access the CC Monday website as well but multiple other people could so maybe try looking at your wifi.
  8. Here you go @MegaPVP. https://forms.gle/fony1RguXUbpPr947
  9. Now if you don't remember of the mishap that happened last the CC Monday Event was a bit unorganized to say the least. After that, the CC Monday Team and some new team members have reviewed out mistakes and revised on what we did wrong. Now we are doing the same thing, a pvp event, and we have a new server and a new website. The date and time is still to be determined but I decided to release early sign ups. If you want to sign up head over to our website (linked below). Click Here To Go To The CC Monday Website Any questions? DM me on discord (Matthew132#0132) or on CC DM's. We hope this goes well. - CC Monday Team
  10. And the CC Monday copies are already starting.
  11. I know I don't blame myself for it because honestly I don't think this was my fault. As you saw, there were many straight up toxic people on there and then there was deadlines not being met by other people behind the scenes. I really did try and prepare for this event, even ask the people closest to me, I really worked hard on this. I am really sorry I know a lot of people were very excited for this and I was too I even imagined it in my head a couple of times, but like almost everything I do it wasn't meant to be.
  12. When I first thought of the idea I was generally excited as it was a new thing to CC and I wanted it to eventually wanted it to become like MC Monday. I really did put time and effort when it came to making every detail down from the graphic design of the logo to the block of the PvP map. Of course, like everything I attempt here on ClassiCube, everything, for lack of better words, went to shit whether it was just a straight up toxic community of people who like to ruin everything here or it was to something as harmless as a code bug that no one could figure out. I am sorry to the youtubers, streamers, and the community of players who were excited to see the event happen and for future events to continue on. From here on out the future of CC Monday is slim, although I have hope. I still want something as fun as this event to happen. I am striving to make CC Monday once again. If you want to embark this journey with me I would appreciate the help. If you still want to have a future CC Monday one might come up once I have everything settled. I want to give a special thank to the following community of players that made CC possible. ------------------------------------------- The CC Monday Team: @FuriousFireGIRL - Thank you for making the maps for CC Monday that I will be using later on if it becomes once again. I loved your work and was excited to see what you made. (Side note: Still send me the link, your map will not go to waste) @AnarchyDarkWolf - Although everything was messy and unorganized, thank you for helping me when it came to the PvP plugin and your amazing builds. I hope I can see you again soon if you are willing to do it again. @mikelatham - Thank you for helping us with the server. I know I asked a lot from you and I really have to give you a pat on the back but next time I am going to have to do it myself. @Swoozy - Thank you for always being there for me and always helping me when I needed. Lastly, not wanted to be selfish, but I wanted to give myself a pat on the back for making this possible. ------------------------------------------- I will be working on this and one day you may see CC Monday up again, I ask that no one takes the name CC Monday. Anyways, I'll see you on the other side. - Matthew132
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