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  1. NA2 Discord -> https://discord.gg/ApJ34mjZ
  2. Banned from NA2 now... wow... you have a talent of being banned. As for it goes for the appeal, you should go to their discord, as of I know of NA2 has no ban appeal form that is public. I suggest dming Goodly although I doubt that you would get accepted depending on what you did as they ban only if its for a good reason.
  3. You have been banned from ClassiBuild (Reason: Causing unneeded drama in the forums, toxicity, defying owner and co-owners, alt abuse [Rule 9], and not to forget grief) If you would like to appeal click here: https://forms.gle/qQyGnnEAbaPa9djJ6
  4. Replay mod because Im a youtuber and its the most helpful as well at optifine.
  5. You make a point, I have given him my contact details and already reported him, this is all up to him now and ClassiCube staff. HeadStaff are looking into the issue if Admin or Mod abuse was used, from this point, no evidence is shown. This is an alt of SavageBoy, we have put him Under Review because of things he did which included racial slurs and unstaff like behavior.
  6. I understand that Classibuild has had its issues in the past before me and even during my time there, although I can say we are improving and have finally gotten over selves organized. This is an alt for SavageBoy who has done many racial and non staff like things in which we put him Under Review. He was talking about ClassiBuild a specific server.
  7. As a Co-Owner of Classibuild, Yes I agree that staff there can be a little... um... brutal... but they wouldnt go to the extent that you are explaining. SavageBoy, I know this is your alt, stop wining because you got put Under Review because of racial actions and bad behavior actions you did. If you dont want to be in Classibuild, there are many more servers out there. If you want to discuss about this more dm me - Matthew132#0895
  8. In that case your using a single player world not a server. Sadly from what I know of there is no way to /copy and /paste without going into your game files. I suggest just going into a server as it gives you more building options. If not you could go with Goodly's solution.
  9. Not really (from what I know of) they are just textures, you can also download texture that other people have made.
  10. If it is on the same server it is possible, You do /copy and it makes you choose two blocks and anything in the cube of blocks will be copied. Then you can do /paste (in any world in the server) and it will paste.
  11. Imma say this is the nicest way possiable... Your a simp. (*cough, cough* Dream SMP reference)
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