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  1. Matthew132

    I need

    I suggest taking this up to AndrewPH by private chatting him through fourms or through discord.
  2. Hey yall. I need help no another thing. Now there is most likely a forum for this already but I didnt find it. So I've seen some fourm pfp's with custom one's instead of it being their skin. Can someone help me on how to do that or is it like a only Moderator thing or rank based.
  3. This sentence being created alone amazes me.
  4. Thank You! This helps a ton.
  5. Hey Guys! So I need some some with /env. So If I want to copy setting of the sky from one map. How would I copy that to another. Thanks (Note: Sorry I tried looking for a Tutorial Fourm but didn't find one)
  6. Just wondering why we cant share files? Not complaining just wondering
  7. Hey does anyone know any good CTF maps? Doing it for a server I'm admin on. If you have the dropbox link that would be great! Thanks
  8. oh ok... you learn something new everyday
  9. Matthew132

    My Password

    How are you logged into fourms???
  10. wait why isent my answer said as best are your reply is??? lol cc fourms is weird
  11. Well you can take a look at /help for all commands that your server has as I do not know what you are using to host. You can allso talk to Iron_zic he is pretty good at cmds.
  12. Big woop (I hope I dont get banned for this)
  13. As of October 2020, Classicube does not have redstone itself. Some options are using commands or making a plugin since CC is open source.
  14. Did you get the Image Link and not a file link just dropped in?
  15. You can get the image link of a skin and in a server do /skin [link]... if you want that to be your perm skin you have to download that skin then upload it
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