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  1. My 2nd map was done with another person but usually I mainly work by myself sometimes I have people log on to test certain jumps or I test out the whole thing myself.
  2. So I haven't mentioned this map in a while the title actually lives by its name now lmao cause lowkey I forgot about it but coming soon there's gonna be a second part to the forgotten mine. I don't know when I'll drop it but If I'm gonna be honest its probably not gonna drop till late January. Stay tuned for more updates 👀
  3. So it's been a while yet again just been taking breaks from map building but I'm getting back into it. Anyways we got a brand new map and a minor map update but we'll talk about the new map. Basically picture yourself at a party and all the lights go out in replacement of that your clothing and all the house appliances has these neon colors you notice a black light turning on making your stuff glow you cant see anything but you can make out the shape of people and things around you making it slightly easier to navigate. Good luck playing Blackout (The map is on NA2 Swoozy+11 the reward is 80 coins + The bonus reward if you can find the hidden Goodly). Now time for the map updates. Swoozy+7: Added more bots to increase the difficulty of navigating the maze. Swoozy+10: Added nerve gas and shortened the coastline for the lava level to prevent any major skips. Anyways that's all for the updates and map info good luck and I hope you enjoy playing. ❤️
  4. So you know how there's always an option in any game to use left handed controls for example minecraft java switches to arrow keys and you use your left hand to look around with the mouse. I actually wanna know who actually uses that because as a lefty i still use "Right handed" controls.
  5. Swoozy

    Settings Issue.

    So recently I've noticed when logging on to ClassiCube all of my settings are reset and I need fix all of them back to my usual preferences and every time when I switch servers the same thing where my settings completely reset. I don't know why this is happening its probably just primarily a web client bug all I know is that I've had this issue in the past.
  6. Terralith is also a modpack however you can use the datapack for multiplayer worlds.
  7. Terralith (Terrain Mod) and Some other mod that upgrades the mobs AI but i forgot the name.
  8. It looks very nice this pack has so much potential keep it up.
  9. This looks pretty accurate its looks cool keep it up 😄
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