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  1. A new map has been created...Help me as I explore a Jungle temple in the middle of nowhere avoiding traps and other dangerous hazards the map is pretty difficult but the reward has some weight (200 Na2 coins) Good luck youre gonna need it 😉
  2. This looks pretty accurate its looks cool keep it up 😄
  3. Its done now youre good to play it 😄
  4. Yep its been a while since i made a map lol but I'm back making them now and I made one for Pride month However this might be the hardest map I have ever made. The reward for this map will be 60 coins and it it's possible to play it right now as of posting this let me know what issues you find because i will be fixing most of them. Thank you for looking at this post and have an amazing day ❤️
  5. Swoozy


    Didnt you say it was complete rng if you make that or not? lmao
  6. Swoozy


    Yeah fence jumps and any small block is annoying
  7. So most of this community either builds or does adventure/parkour maps for the parkour community of CC what do you think would be a nearly impossible jump. Also how many tries would you do until you actually give up.
  8. I just play something else till the wifi comes back on or I just read or draw something that doesnt make me bored.
  9. 45 strafe does work as most zs players use that movement to make 3 block jumps.
  10. Yeah and a lot of other games its just really toxic.
  11. Roblox used to be good but now it sucks
  12. this looks very pog very simple also
  13. Swoozy

    im new here

    Welcome hope you have fun.
  14. This is the type of texture pack you'd use if you wanna know how it feels to be colour blind
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