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  1. NO!! You clearly did not bother to read the body of this thread either (especially the part where it says loser). Sorry, but I will not be reading your reply because it is not factual. This is a factual response that others can take example of. To answer your question, I did not put myself on the list for the same reason I did not put 123DontMessWitMe on the list. Despite being the very people who recruited me for becoming a staff member, it seems that there is a lot of debate between the staff regarding my position on the ClassiCube forums. Say, don't ask.
  2. No, if you had bothered to read either the title or body of the thread, you would have clearly seen "Top 5 Staff Members" please read the entire thread before making silly claims
  3. Hello everyone! I have been working on this list for a long time and after putting a lot of thought into it, I have finally completed a master list of the top 5 ClassiCube staff members! It took so long because I have been gathering lots and lots of objective proof for my claims, which means this list is purely fact based! You heard me right! NO OPINIONS ARE ON THIS LIST!! So please do not comment on this thread with your opinions because I will not read them (loser). And before I start I would like you wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year because it gives back to a couple things that I remember. Normally I would eat at my dinner table alone but on special occasions like this, I sneak a hearty meal of cheap pizza and water on my bed alone and I am really looking forward to it!!! With that out of the way, lets get on with the list! #1: AndrewPH Reasons: - I pretended to know him once - Has not read my very important private message that contains Goodly fanart (sent like 10 days ago!!!) - Outed me as a pretender - Put a box of one of my posts TWICE (??) #2: Goodly Reasons: - Was AFK when I teleported to him and started spamming really funny things on Not Awesome 2 [Realms and More] - Small and unimpressive antlers - Banned me from the forums once - Notorious for posting troll replies #3: Unfortunately, there are no other ClassiCube staff, so I had to cut the list short. I know some may consider 123DontMessWitMe as a staff member, but this is a highly debated topic that I would rather not get into in order to avoid arguments. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! - Curtis
  4. Very strange looking opossum. Cool picture though. On an unrelated note, why is everyone so upset?
  5. I believe people can reform. I have spent a few days reflecting on my actions and deeply regret them, which is why I made this thread. I am a normal person and can be trusted to create and reply to threads without supervision from the staff. This is not the case and you should not have assumed it is. Normally, I would dismiss a reply like this from any regular player, but it especially irritates me that a staff member is creating troll posts on such a serious topic. No troll posts on my thread please. I understand your frustration. It will please you to know that the staff impersonator you are referencing has been detained by the staff and is currently under questioning. A trial is soon to come.
  6. Hello all, Recently I came across a staff impersonation attempt on the forums (thread link here). The thread creator pretended to be a staff member announcing the release of survival mode to ClassiCube. As you can see, he was banned further down the thread for impersonation. A few reminders to stay safe: NEVER SHARE PERSONAL INFO WITH STRANGERS!!! Staff will NEVER ask for your personal info, not even your password! Assume that any staff member who does ask for personal information has been hacked or is being impersonated. Staff only have RED names on the forums. Survival mode is NEVER going to be released (view the guidelines). Report any suspicious behavior to the staff. We cannot let imposters damage our community. Please be careful out there. - Curtis
  7. This reminds me a lot of a book called "1984" by George Orwell
  8. Forums has been misbehaving recently (my profile doesn't show me as staff! 0-0). I have no idea how this ended here instead of announcements, and I also can't move the thread for whatever reason. Andrew is working on fixing all the problems and will move the thread himself sometime later. No
  9. Hello all! As you are well aware, we have been working hard on survival mode for the past few months and are finally ready to open up a beta to the public for testing. The beta will start this upcoming Friday and will be available until the full release of survival mode, which we expect to finish early into the new year. If you would like to participate in the beta, please reply to this thread with the following: - Your name - Your age - How long you have been playing Classicube - About how many hours you expect to be playing weekly - Why you would like to play the beta Since there is limited space, we will prioritizing who gets in based on how active they are, how long they have been playing, and how early they replied to this thread. If we deem you as a good fit, we will message you privately with further instructions. Good luck everybody! - Curtis
  10. No troll posts on my thread please
  11. Holy C is a programming language based on C. It was made by Terry Davis in his mission to please God. This game would be a lot better if it was made in Holy C. Pros: - Will piss off the deveolpers - Will please God - Will please me - Playing in the browser will be impossible - Will really piss of the developers Cons: - lol What do you think?
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