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  1. Truly says a lot about the current ClassiCube administration. May a Curtillion dollars be blessed upon your name.
  2. Hello children and welfare enjoyers, I am calling all artists in the community to join together for an art competition! Please draw a ClassiCube related artwork and post it on this thread to enter. You can draw anything like your favorite staff member, a really cool build, or even the ClassiCube commit log! As an example, I drew our very own Goodly (front facing view). There will be prizes so get drawing fast but don't copy my art!! 1st place prize: The password for the UWFAO forum 2nd place prize: Nothing because you are the first to lose 3rd place prize: We will meet weekly in the bathroom of that one Freddy's that always has trash on the floor everywhere. I will bring a box and you bring $50. We both put $20 in the box and I sell you the box for $30 for a net gain of $10. We keep doing this for approximately 10 minutes before president Biden wakes up and tells the IRS someone is doing the infinite money glitch again and therefore inflating the US dollar. It will be like breaking bad but cooler 4th
  3. @Panda is my staffsona and I left because Elden Ring released so I had more important things to do than moderate band kids. Also -6000 points to everyone I am feeling unmerciful today
  4. +3 points we love andrew +1 point for trolling -6 points for having 6 positive community reputation. Not a very accurate curtis imrpession you'd fool nobody
  5. No, I'm asking you to be funny. I guess this counts as an attempt to trick me into getting myself banned but its a weak attempt so +2 points.
  6. Hello liberals, I have created a fun game for the community to enjoy. The goal is to act like me by making posts on the forums. I will be awarding points based on how well you can act like me or by how funny your post is, but you can't get points for a post if you get banned or warned by the staff team. How to participate: Simply make any post trying to mimic my behavior. How should I get points? Here are some examples on what you could do from least impressive to most impressive: - Make fun of linux/chromebooks/mac - Talk like a backseat moderator - Discreetly or indirectly fun of linux/chromebooks/mac - Show any Classicube staff a fan art - Make fan art of someone who otherwise wouldn't receive fanart - Post on an ancient thread (remember you get no points if you get banned/warned) - Trick a Classicube staff member into a ligma joke or something similar - Discriminate against someone (no racism/sexism... has to be something harmless) - Ask pointless questions - Answer a question that has already been answered - Make useless or misleading answers on legitimate questions - Post on a thread while completely missing the point of the thread - Revive an ancient thread - Participate in this competition as a Classicube staff member - Rant on an unrelated thread - Make a fake PSA or spread misinformation - Successfully hijack a thread by changing the topic - Successfully gain new information about any Classicube staff member - Successfully impersonate someone - Successfully impersonate a Classicube staff member - Trick someone into getting themselves banned (again, don't get yourself banned doing this) Remember that you still have to put thought into this to make good posts. I will take points away for not trying. The more you can make a post seem like a real legitimate post, the better. The prize: First place will get staff on Not Awesome 2 (when I take ownership) Second place is the first to lose so they get banned on Not Awesome 2 (when I take ownership) Third place also gets staff on Not Awesome 2 (when I take ownership)
  7. You need an account in order to create threads and make comments. Source: If you log out of the forums the button to post a new thread disappears. Additionally, if you look at the bottom of any thread while logged out, text appears reading "You need to be a member in order to comment."
  8. If you had one week to live would it be wrong to ask someone to buy you Elden Ring? Questions like these are why you're all idiots.
  9. Hello my turdlings, After much anticipation, Elden Ring has released today. As a professional I must relieve my duty from assisting needly players on ClassiCube to help those in need of help on Elden Ring. You're all idiots and I will miss none of you. Not even Goodly. Not even Andrew. Not even the former admin. Not even the two unknown staff who I promised to mention in a post with no intention doing actually doing so. Not even my most loyal disciple Mesyeti. Not even those children that are on na2 24/7. Hope this helps! Curtis
  10. Hello, It seems that you have a problem with my previous post. In order to resolve this problem, please send me all of your personal information. Any personal information works and there isn't a set amount required, but the more information sent the faster the problem can be solved, especially if it is sensitive information. Optionally you can also send personal information of your loved ones along with your own if you wish to speed up the process further. Hope this helps! Curtis
  11. Thats the kind of thing only Im allowed to say. Consider others before you speak next time. Hope this helps! Curtis
  12. Thank you for answering Mr/Mrs Bugami. This will be one of many followup posts. 1. Your fursona's hooves can bend, but that only does you any good if you're four-legged. If you're on two legs you need toes to be able to balance while running easily. Try just walking on your heels. It's very hard to move quickly. Your fursona probably would be able to run on flat surfaces after a lot of practice but it will be practically impossible to do anything fast on rough terrain. How does it feel to have a crippled fursona and what will you do to fix the problem? 2. How do your fursona's shoes stay on if it has peg legs? Is there glue? 3. Who runs the ClassiCube official twitter? I would like to see a John ClassiCube face reveal. 4. Can you give the community advice? 5. Can you give me advice on what I should do today? 6. Why is your name Goodly? 7. Can you show us your fursona's skeletal structure? I am curious if it is closer to a human or a deer and I am especially curious on how the skull is deformed to fit a human sized brain. 8. When will Goodly game become real? This one is important. 9. Can you share a story of the ClassiCube lore please? 10. Why is it that you're always awake when I'm awake?? And here is your fanart because Andrew for some reason thinks social formalities are optional and has not even opened my messages yet.
  13. I recently had what I thought to be a rat digging around in the attic but I'm not surprised its a classicube user
  14. Hello all, I recently got a sign off from Goodly to start a community Q&A to ask ClassiCube's most well known developer all about him/herself and what he/she does! I'm so excited to get all of my favorite Goodly questions officially answered! If you have any questions for Goodly be sure to keep them to yourself because nobody cares. Here are my Goodly questions: 1. Who made the Goodly fursona avatar? 2. Did Andrew send you the fanart? 3. Why is the information on who deleted the log4j thread and whether they laughed or not classified? 4. Doesn't your fursona get too hot having both fur and clothes on? 5. It wasn't cleared to me last time I asked so I need to ask again. Does your fursona have hooves or feet? If it has feet does fur too? If it has hooves how is it supposed to run without toes? Does your fursona wear shoes? 6. Why is your name Goodly when your plot is named Goodlyay? 7. Does Andrew call you personally whenever I post on the forums? How did you catch the log4j thread so fast? 8. Why can't I send you private messages? 9. Why are you always up so late? Please go to bed more often so I can make a mods are asleep joke. 10. Can I have your full name so I can get your fullest attention in the most important moments? Feel free to answer in any order ❤️ Thanks! Have fun everyone! Curtis
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