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ooga booga important forum post, please take part

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step on the crack and release a battle royale in classicube now because my ass feels it needs some fresh air to bring in


dear classicuberians, we all understand that this game will (or already is) die anytime soon so i offer you da greatest deal ever, just upgrade it to the battle royale just like the fortnite did years ago.

that's not it! look, it's a good opportunity to bring back teh clasiccub to steqam store and sell more copies, or just make it and upgrade that's purchasable, it'll access you to the games with TRUSTED AF players who paid for it.

you land on not awesome, new blood or whatever you want and start looting white classicube cubes that are basically your store point, you buy items in special shop on <Esc> button, talk and shit with the other players in chat and gain more guns like physics TNTs and flaling sand wow. There's also a lava survival that is like a blue zone that is like killing everybody, you never know how fast it will go because irt is CONSTANTLY changing the flow speed and you can die anytime but not your enemies. WATHC OUT

so, there are blocks that you can throw away, you buy em with white classicube cubes in shop. it's the wood stone leaves glass

please make it real

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