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  1. Summer Depression by GirlsInRed Good for summer coming up
  2. https://forms.gle/BfMMW8Wk7pM5N7HK6 THIS IS THE NEW FORM WHAT how
  3. Hello everyone, The server DeadNova NetWork is having a parkour making contest. To enter, fill out this form https://forms.gle/sjZDRzv3DS8At3kL8 The contest begins today (4/23/22) and will end on May 23. Prizes will be determined later. Get Building, Scout
  4. i own na2, totally and u lie!!!!!!!1!11 and im going to give it to you!!!!!!!1!11!
  5. everyone relpy to this message with "hi" to get 1 cent
  6. Wow, it looks very good. I like it.
  7. How do you give console to someone. I was thinking about making a server with someone but, I don't know how to give console to them. I understand that giving console to someone is dangerous, but I trust the person I'm giving it too.
  8. Here, I found a chat talking about it, https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/205-texture_pack_guidelines/#:~:text=Loading a texture pack,file" and locate it yourself. Here's a website if you want to look a existing texture packs https://123dmwm.com/TexturePacks.html You should also try asking 123DontMessWithMe about it.
  9. I don't think so because most servers don't really get a lot of players and plus you can do it for free with MCGalaxy or other services.
  10. You can do /os map add and /os map go to go to it. you can look here for a more detailed explanation https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/8196-bmcgalaxy_server_creation_guide/
  11. It may be because you have veiw bobbling off in the misc section of the settings. If you turn it on, your arm will sway again.
  12. Quick question: How many people signed up?
  13. Go to the side of you E-mail and scroll down, if there is an arrow that says more and no more options below it, click it. Then scroll down until you see the spam folder.
  14. Does anyone know any good single player building commands? I was going to do a huge build, but i realized how long it would take. If you have any, reply with them. Thanks- Scout
  15. Looks really cool, one of my fav texture packs now.
  16. tbh i kinda agree, its free and has a rly good community and staff
  17. I would recommend Python and C++ to start out with
  18. Happy Valentines Day to you too!
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