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  1. i got banned for greifing on that server xD
  2. oof. i was hoping you could make the play worlds multiplayer
  3. no because i cant make servers, im on browser, so i was just wondering if you could make a normal world
  4. without starting my own serever is there anyway to play privately with my friends
  5. frick. the texture packs arent downloading on the server 😞
  6. what folders do the zip files need to be in for them to show up in the menu
  7. HeckenFricken

    no noise

    im on browser and theres no noise, but on my old pc, i had it on steam and it had noise
  8. ohhh, i would buy it, but im on chromebook so its useless to me. if i got 100 signatures, and donated money too the game, would you consider adding a survival mode?
  9. HeckenFricken


    why does the game cost money on steam?
  10. are you TrYiNgg To GiVe me A vIRus11!!111
  11. any chance of the creator adding a survival mode? if not, is it possible to mod it in?
  12. im his brother, he did that buddyretard
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