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  1. The mobile controls are really awkward, are they ever gonna get updated?
  2. You download the skin file, and click the choose file button
  3. OK, this is pretty cool. But I have a couple of questions. Will there ever be an option to add your own skins? Also, will you ever add the option to preview the skins on the ''Set All'' option, because some of the skins, such as ''Glowing Fantasy'' don't really explain what the skins are. Also, a little nitpick, but why is the Hulk skin called ''Hulk Smash''. As for asking to add MORE skins, maybe add some dreamsmp characters 🙂
  4. How do i increase the amount of time a certain rank can undo
  5. do you have any proof this guy is white?
  6. HeckenFricken

    Kick all

    is there anyway to kick multiple people/all people on a CC Server?
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