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  1. In 9 days, log in to the server. He said that very clearly and even bolded the important bits.
  2. AndrewPH


    the 7 other accounts that share your IP that were created in February seem to indicate otherwise. regardless, servers are allowed to ban you for whatever reason they want (or no reason at all) and there's nothing anybody here can do about it. take any issues you have up with the staff of whatever server you're playing on.
  3. because this is a forum, not a chatroom, and your responses should have more thought behind them. if your response tops out at 1 word, you should use a reaction or you should elaborate on your point.
  4. Anybody who posts it will get banned
  5. Log into the main site and click on your name in the top right to go to your account panel, where you can upload your own skin easily.
  6. yeah it's to stop idiots from making tons of useless alts. it generally works.
  7. Never share your password, especially not in the title of a public forum post.
  8. AndrewPH

    Bro help

    That's not an excuse to misuse the forums.
  9. AndrewPH


    And the 70 other servers that already exist
  10. AndrewPH


    Because you either can't run the software on it period, or you're too much of a chromie to figure out how.
  11. It is undeniably up, I joined it and there were several other people on. The issue lies on your end.
  12. If you have evidence you need to share, email it to me at [email protected] instead of telling and showing everybody your personal information on the world wide web. I'm closing this thread, if you open another one I will permanently ban you again
  13. I remember fondly when you threatened to report me to the police for the "illegal" act of disabling your original account. Probably not wise to threaten to beat everybody up.
  14. Can't wait for you to impersonate your mom on irc again.
  15. Why did you use an awful fake text convo generator
  16. Don't bring personal losses into online arguments as an excuse
  17. You mean like when your account was disabled because you were underage, and then your alts disabled because you ban evaded a terms of service violation?
  18. If you don't see it up, it's probably not up.
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