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  1. Classicube will experience regular dips and hills in traffic due to the demographic that plays it (primarily schoolkids who play during the school year) and paid advertising won't reach those people during their off-season. I make enough money off classicube to keep it running- not really enough to put any non-negligible effort into advertisements and the like. If you want classicube to grow, you need to tell your friends, and tell them to tell people. Paid advertisements can only do so much on their own. Edit: as an addendum, just so you're aware, around 0% of the direct revenue comes from chromebook players. they usually don't have an income and thus can't contribute to the patreon, and don't have a steam account and thus can't purchase the game on steam. they may lead indirect revenue by virtue of increasing the playerbase and visibility, but directly they barely, if at all, contribute.
  2. perhaps you shouldn't be running a server
  3. ClassiCube existed long before classic.minecraft.net. The name is a combination of "Classic" and "Cube", as it is a recreation and continuation of Minecraft Classic from 2009/2010. It was chosen primarily because of the classy cube mockup (the current logo, the cube with a top hat on one side) that Allie made that I thought was hilarious in combination with the name. I'm surprised more people haven't noticed the connection.
  4. Did you enter the old password in the old password field?
  5. Hello all! I've added ClassiCube to the Steam Summer Sale (say that 5 times fast) so you can get it for CHEAP. Current price as of posting is 80% off! Steam version is an optional way to help support the game's financial needs, and is not required to play the game.
  6. Read the rules
  7. AndrewPH


    Classicube is based on minecraft classic, not minecraft beta.
  8. AndrewPH


    There were no beds in classic.
  9. very nice
  10. If you updated your skin and the account panel said it worked, you just need to be patient. Skins can take up to a couple hours to update for everybody depending on circumstances.
  11. Reading is difficult but as the registration page specifies, you must use a legitimate email for your account.
  12. Might be reactions counting as content or something. That is odd
  13. there's some leniency due to the sheer volume of one-word posts some people make. that being said, report posts that break the rules to put it on our radar screen. every single post has a little flag icon on mobile (or "report" right next to "reply") that will allow you to file a report. Filing reports stops people from posting threads asking things like "why is xyz not getting people banned??"
  14. Suggestion: utilize the search function that this forum software provides. https://f.classicube.net/search/?&q=Custom blocks&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles
  15. You actually did but alright
  16. Making plugins isn't very difficult and would be a very good skill for you to have, so you don't have to beg people to make things for you all the time.
  17. I was just as heavy-handed with bans in 2015. Also, forum bans don't stop you from playing the game, and I haven't banned any accounts from playing the game unless they were breaking the terms of service agreed to upon registration.
  18. it depends on the server software, the most popular (mcgalaxy) is a .net application that can run if you install a software called Mono on the VPS that you use.
  19. AndrewPH

    Uploading Skin

    Congratulations I guess?
  20. The anarchy server is given hard-coded special treatment and is the only server that will be the way it is for the foreseeable future.
  21. Settings - ClassiCube Forum also, please read the rules. Especially rule 3.
  22. Quit spreading drama kids, it'll get you banned. This is a site for discussion, not for "I'm gonna report yuo to the classicube police!!"
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