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  1. You probably shouldn't post your full birthday on the internet for all to see, but more power to you.
  2. Not by asking on the wrong forums. Ask the management of the server you want to moderate, don't ask here.
  3. Hit the "play" link in the header of the site when logged in and click on a server name, or download the client, log in, and click on a server name. How did you manage to find your way here but not to the server list?
  4. Bring it up to the staff on whatever server you play on, since we can tell from the player graphs for each server that you don't play on all of them.
  5. this page, as stated above, will tell you everything you need to know to make models: Home ยท NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels Wiki (github.com) if you can't figure it out from there, you probably shouldn't.
  6. you said you would be able to do it, why haven't you done it yet?
  7. pm me some skin files with names for them and I can add them. hulk is on there as "hulk smash" because he was the first skin I added as a test, and its name on the site i got it from was "hulk smash" I plan on allowing you to type in a player's name to grab their skin to utilize. Just haven't written it yet. skin previews in the selection menus is not going to happen because of how the renderer functions.
  8. if you have to ask, you won't be able to do it even if told how.
  9. leave server drama in the server, don't bring it to the forums.
  10. How would you improve them? We can't change them to be better without ideas
  11. Have you ever wanted to make your own wacky skin, but aren't a skilled pixel artist? Have you ever wanted to combine the helmet layer of one skin with the rest of another skin? Have you ever just wanted to randomly combine a bunch of skin layers together to make your own abomination entirely? Well, yearn no more. With ClassiCube SkinSwatch you can easily create a new skin out of dozens of premade skins. Once you're done customizing your skin, hit the ClassiCube logo in the top right of the editor to set your ClassiCube skin, or hit the floppy disk icon to save the skin locally. You can still upload skins to the website the old-fashioned way, by navigating to the account panel and uploading a skin file. If you want me to add more base skins to the editor, or are having problems using the editor, post a comment on this thread. Enjoy!
  12. He's not talking about Classicube, he's talking about a server.
  13. It's up, the front page is broken. Simply going to ANY other page on the site still works
  14. That's really not running a server, though. That's asking somebody else to run a server for you.
  15. Maybe it'll fix itself if we pray
  16. AndrewPH


    two points to consider: this is not the place to ask about external services not being fast enough for you if patience is not your strong key, perhaps running a server isn't for you
  17. it wasn't deleted, his forum account was banned at his request.
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