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  1. You'd have to run the linux version, but that may be outside the capabilities of your chromebook, and it's somewhat complicated. ClassiCube has been available on Steam since May of last year 😉
  2. Hey all, I finally got off my back end and brought the Steam release of the game into the forefront of technology, bringing it to the latest development build of ClassiCube to better represent where the game's at right now. I've also worked with SpiralP to bring the CEF plugin to the Steam version. This increases the footprint of the Steam version by almost 300MB, but it's still much smaller than all those other games, so... To celebrate, I've added a sale that will bring the price down by 42%, starting tomorrow (August 3rd) at 10:00AM PST and ending on August 10th at 10:00AM PST. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1065710/ClassiCube/ Why purchase the game on Steam when I can just play it for free, right now? The Steam version of the game is there so you can help pay for the continued operating costs of hosting ClassiCube. We use Amazon Web Services to host it, and that ain't cheap. If you don't like Steam but want to help support the game, support us on Patreon! Last but not least, we still have a Discord up and running, so feel free to join up for some good wholesome fun and the occasional photograph from yours truly 😉 Join us on Discord Thanks all, and have a grand ol time.
  3. Save a map from an MCGalaxy server that has the cubes you want. There's no other way currently.
  4. Just make a new account. There's no way to change your account name due to how authentication works.
  5. yeah it's not quite that simple, and the webclient just barely works as it is.
  6. Classicraft is not Classicube, and uses its own server list and login scheme. I advise anybody using it to use different credentials than your Classicube login.
  7. The titles are stored on your Classicube account and the forums grab it periodically. It means no, you can't set it yourself.
  8. It shows your current rank unless we've changed your title on your Classicube account, in which case it's synced to what cc.net shows. Titles are only really given in rare cases.
  9. That's how it's always been Plus the newest announcement is only shown to ppl logged in- otherwise the only way to see it is in the news section that you're talking about
  10. You specifically asked for advice regarding Linux. I strongly recommend not connecting anything running winxp to the internet.
  11. Hey y'all, I've hooked the front page of classicube.net to get the latest and greatest news straight from the forums. This means you get to see all the latest news right here, AND right there. AND you can comment on the news, dang!
  12. Take it up with the servers management, not here.
  13. cannot edit them because no keyboard pops up?
  14. open up the play page in your browser it just works. you can also compile the game for android yourself, but it requires some tweaking.
  15. Sounds like a good opportunity for you to learn 😉
  16. The client is open source, and it costs nothing but your time to make a chrome app. Since it's so easy, I presume you won't have any difficulty doing it.
  17. I recommend renting a VPS from a service that specializes in it and setting up your server yourself. Or, better yet, I recommend joining a server and helping it thrive
  18. That is very clearly not the webclient. Looks like you have nostalgia options on
  19. You should probably join somebody else's server instead of starting a server that will be functionally identical to every other server on the list.
  20. You shouldn't be hosting anything on a residential connection, especially if you can't figure out (or just can't) complete step one of doing so.
  21. You probably shouldn't be hosting a server then.
  22. you can store them on google drive, mega, onedrive, dropbox, etc, and provide a download link to those. or pay for some webhosting space and shove them there.
  23. Contact the server administration. It's not something we can help you with.
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