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  1. not really, and i don't think you spelled server right.
  2. Xotiic

    Happy new years!

    When someone uses the term "mind your business" they're asking for a respect of other people's privacy. And seeing as you posted this on a forum which isn't very private, you can't not expect some people to respond to the post quoting your grammar mistakes. A easy solution is to re-read what you've already typed, and make sure it sounds OK in your head. And that there is no words underlined with the red line. So next time when you make a post, you wont get as much backlash from a couple of grammar mistakes. :3
  3. i know that in Na2 you can make mountains and terrain with a combination of certain commands, but you cant use those same commands in OmegaBuild2. so maybe there's something to download or enable? im not entirely sure how those things work, but maaaybe this helped?
  4. songs i have and actually feel like mentioning: Your're somebody else by Flora Cash. Suffocate by Hayd. Feelings are fatal by mxmtoon. Runaway by Vorsa. (going to totally ignore that you made this post at 2am and that im replying at 4am)
  5. Lets say that your bored, what would you do? Reply to this with anything you do to "cure" your boredom. And if you cant think of anything, start a meme chain off this reply. That just might help ;D
  6. You pose a good point, but is a acronym really a word? Andrew, please reply
  7. don't question his motives.
  8. i think this is where everyone's supposed to say "lol"
  9. my knowledge of video games is to selective for me to even have a least favorite. Sure, i have some that i play more than often, and i actually like them, but none that i generally don't like. idk why i put a long-ish reply about this. i'm bored, send help (also, didn't the flashing warning above the post your typing say "oh shit!" not "oh snap!" did that actually change or is my brain just dead?)
  10. is there a certain thing i can get that'll make my marketing classes stop existing? (don't even think about a bomb) if so, do tell what it is.
  11. Xotiic

    i'm sorrry

    Pretty sure the forums aren't here for ban appeals :3 So not only have you been banned from a server, but you may also be temp-banned from the forum. read every rule book or guidelines before doing things. it'll save you the shame of being looked upon as a irresponsible 12 year old.
  12. Xotiic


    i'm pretty sure you not supposed to post things on the forums as a message to someone else. and if this server wasn't your own, didn't you just technically grief it as well?
  13. i haven't thought about that, now i'm DEFINITELY not doing THIS.
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