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  1. i've heard of that. there's a wasp that lays its eggs in a caterpillar and same thing happens (gets zombified) when the eggs hatch
  2. Anyone have any animal facts to share? i have a book of them but i've already read it. so i was wondering if anyone else had some interesting ones 🙂
  3. Xotiic


    wrong answer xd
  4. Xotiic


    Answer the riddle below. how short is the answer to this question Hint: ( , )
  5. Xotiic

    A Riddle

    wow, i just have a book of like 300 riddles and that one was my favorite, so i just thought to put it in.
  6. Xotiic

    A Riddle

    good Job. and i think the hint might have given it away to some people
  7. Figure this out: A Very famous chemist was found murdered in his kitchen today. The police have narrowed it down to six suspects. They know it was a two man job. Their names" Felice, Maxwell, Archibald, Nicolas, Jordan and Xavier. A note was also found with the body: '26-3-58/28-27-57-16'. Who are the killers? Hint: a Chemist was murdered
  8. Is it really possible to experience anything objectively?
  9. Fill in the blank. It would be weird if __________
  10. its weird how much thought was put into this.
  11. Is cereal considered soup? (is it okay if i just make a string of these "Answer Truthfully" questions?)
  12. does you teeth ever itch?
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