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  1. So does the same thing kinda apply to the little banner thing in your forum acc page?
  2. Today is valentines day and i have plans with someone that i love very much. I'm in a good mood so i wanted to ask how everyone is doing? happy valentines everyone ❤️
  3. yes, because its a question. that's what its for.
  4. Xotiic


    I'm kinda having the same problem as Eggs. and I've tried what you've recommended, but it doesn't work. here's a screenshot of what happens. My cc account is connected to my personal email and not a school one. That being said, i can actually change settings around.
  5. Xotiic

    Login problems.

    Today i opened cc and it had logged me out of my account. When trying to log back in, it kept telling me my password might be incorrect (which it isn't) so i then clicked on the "forgot your password?" button to see if i can get in that way, but it says "We encountered a problem when trying to send an email: Cannot send to that email address due to bounce or spam complaints" instead. i use a personal email for this type of stuff. this is also happening on a school laptop, idk if that might be the problem or not but probably worth mentioning. Thanks in advance ❤️
  6. not really, and i don't think you spelled server right.
  7. Xotiic

    Happy new years!

    When someone uses the term "mind your business" they're asking for a respect of other people's privacy. And seeing as you posted this on a forum which isn't very private, you can't not expect some people to respond to the post quoting your grammar mistakes. A easy solution is to re-read what you've already typed, and make sure it sounds OK in your head. And that there is no words underlined with the red line. So next time when you make a post, you wont get as much backlash from a couple of grammar mistakes. :3
  8. i know that in Na2 you can make mountains and terrain with a combination of certain commands, but you cant use those same commands in OmegaBuild2. so maybe there's something to download or enable? im not entirely sure how those things work, but maaaybe this helped?
  9. songs i have and actually feel like mentioning: Your're somebody else by Flora Cash. Suffocate by Hayd. Feelings are fatal by mxmtoon. Runaway by Vorsa. (going to totally ignore that you made this post at 2am and that im replying at 4am)
  10. Lets say that your bored, what would you do? Reply to this with anything you do to "cure" your boredom. And if you cant think of anything, start a meme chain off this reply. That just might help ;D
  11. You pose a good point, but is a acronym really a word? Andrew, please reply
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