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  1. Say for instance, that I take a train from Los Angeles to New York. If it took 27 hours, how long would it take to get from Boston to Los Angeles from New York and how long from Miami to New York from Houston?
  2. PieWedPie


    Wait but aren't you forced to update Roblox to play it? How do you still have the 2008 version?
  3. This was so random for no reason
  4. Bro this reply section is so random. Also:
  5. The crazy part is that: 1. No verify-names 2. If the rules don't say anything against what he is doing, then he probably isn't doing anything wrong and plus, as icanttellyou stated before, people could be impersonating, and how do you know he has alts if you have little evidence or even their ips. 3. If you don't like the server, leave the server. 4. If the owner really gave a sh*t, they would have banned or even ip-banned him.
  6. How would you even eat a digital logo?
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