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  3. thanks to dragongrrrr i got an great herobrine skin https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/22004207/herobrine--creepypasta-/
  4. It looked cool, and it would've made it a bit more fun for me to play singleplayer classicube as I would have more content
  5. I don't think a version of MoreModels was ever made for Linux, however, it's an old plugin (hasn't been updated for 3 years) that's mostly useless now. Is there a reason you need it?
  6. During school I found out about this plugin called more models which is really cool, but the file for it is a DLL rather than a .so file, and it doesn't seem that a Linux version exists.
  7. if my head were shaped like a bowling pin i would probably not be alive right now
  8. Yesterday
  9. you dumbed me at least 5 times on an alt. stop flexing, numbnuts.
  10. Last week
  11. So true Hows it been? Also whats ur discord? Andrew?
  12. Schools are getting better at blocking game sites so the kids stop wasting taxpayer money playing off-brand minecraft
  13. hello. yes. i agree. very dead.
  14. Hey guys! Just came and visited! Honestly Classicube is dead more as ever. But it nice to visit!
  15. 17 but it was working yesterday
  16. what iOS version is your phone running?
  17. on the web version (ios safari) just doesnt work and says there is a script error
  18. The problem with "Herobrine vs Saviorsaltwater" is that if you've played Minecraft: Story Mode, you'd know that Herobrine is actually just a shadow nightmare version of Saviorsaltwater that is by definition a more powerful and evil version of him. Asking "which one would win" is not only pointless, but it also shows a deep lack of media literacy as the entire point of Herobrine is that it's a metaphor for Saviorsaltwater's trauma and guilt over what happened during the gimp war. In a situation like this, no one can be a winner. If Herobrine defeats Saviorsaltwater, that destroys the very thing that gives it any meaning to begin with, leaving it as an empty reflection without a reflector. On the other hand, Saviorsaltwater can never truly win against Herobrine because, like in real life, PTSD is something you cannot completely destroy. You can only learn to live with it.
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