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  4. Hello can I apply for the Classicube staff team?
  5. Thank you! I tryed that but how do I download them
  6. You can find a selection of plugins here, as well as a link to other lists of plugins at the bottom of the page. The plugin source code is all available for download, so you can make your own by editing one.
  7. I was wodering how I could code my own and get some
  8. To disable all hacks, use /map motd -hax You can add additional words to modify the permission: (allow staff to hack) /os map motd -hax +ophax (allow respawn) /os map motd -hax +respawn Use /help map motd for all possible + or - keywords you can use
  9. I've tried everything to figure out how to do this, please someone inform me
  10. Yesterday
  11. Last week
  12. Did you upload the right file (the ddl) to the right folder (root i think)?
  13. If you are using MCGalaxy, you could use the /reachdistance command to change your own reach distance.
  14. Thanks, I will try it. Edit: No, I dont think it has that plugin as it didnt work
  15. If the server has LockedReach plugin then in motd add reach=[number]
  16. Im trying to find a way to extend my reach distance for a map that im making but i can't figure out how. Please tell me how to change it if its possible, Thanks.
  17. /lb is for specific world/level/map did you do it correctly? Did you stop the server while doing it? Did you restart the server?
  18. Use /LB if you want a block on a particular server, or /GB if you want a block in an entire server.
  19. Does anyone remember infamy and gfch talk here
  20. Server has since been hidden. For future server reports, please directly message a Site Admin. Thanks!
  21. Ghost world has botted players, ran by Rainb0wSkeppy (or whatever the name is) it has around 70+ players (4:15 march 29 2023) EDIT: new image ITS RISING BY THE MINUTE NEW EDIT: 1K PLAYERS HOW???? please ban "Rainb0wSkeppy" or atleast remove the server 1069 players
  22. How do i get more blocks in my server? i tried adding infid but it didnt work
  23. I was bored and looked at my old forms, and oh my goodness was I so needy back then. But at the same time looking at this post I realized how much I've grown as a person, but wow it still so cringe :(.... Which lead me to ask do you have any posts/form you still think about in your sleep?
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