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  3. who voted box?!?!?!!? i think this is a galaxy brain post!!!! made by the lord chromie himself!!!!!!!!!!! /j
  4. ok final message: stop raiting
  5. sigh... i like game 📦 📦 📦 but you think im a idiot. im not just stop reacting me or any pepole 📦
  6. Heres some Minecraft Java edition screenshots that i did on a sever named "4bit". ('sever' was intentional, btw.)
  7. as in real life i dont have a big brain. I do not judge anyone
  8. Last week
  9. Account Settings > ClassiCube > Update preferences Thats how I change it, accordingly.
  10. christoasshole. ok cool nice conclusion of that
  11. Well that was rude. Both are different, the wording is different and on Caoannitta's about me, the font size is bigger then your's. Its confusing how you assumed she did even though its not an exact copy of it.
  12. We don't care man. Just ask her why she "copied" you. Next time post something that isn't petty.
  13. make useful and helpful posts instead of ones like this
  14. How do we get more reputation? I'm at -8 right now! *lol*
  15. Is Caoannitta's "about me" page on her profile page a copy of mine? I know it's not entirely the same but she did copy it! Can someone tell me why?
  16. big brain moves itzkreemychan. You just shifted my thoughts on reality.
  17. I'm no computer expert but if what you did solved the problem then I'd consider that a fix. Good job on fixing ur pc : )
  18. A month ago I changed my skin to some e girl as a joke. I later changed my skin back a week later. It's been close to 3 weeks now and I still have this pfp. Can anyone help me?
  19. a pc i had wasnt booting properly and i reseated the ram and it works flawlessly does that count as fixing a pc
  20. holy shit i never could of thought of this 😨
  21. roblox studio tf? idk if thats a game, more of a way to make a game
  22. ok how to jump higher in singleplayer: first use shift click it and there you go
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