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  1. The error is (20:34:13) Error #CS0117 on line 37 - `MCGalaxy.Chat' does not contain a definition for `GlobalMessage' (20:34:13) Compiling failed. See logs/errors/compiler.log for more detail
  2. I am confused, It keeps giving me a error in my code. Can someone help me? (It is supposed to send a message between two IRCs) // Auto-generated command skeleton class // Use this as a basis for custom MCGalaxy commands // Naming should be kept consistent (e.g. /update command should have a class name of 'CmdUpdate' and a filename of 'CmdUpdate.cs') // As a note, MCGalaxy is designed for .NET 4.0 // To reference other assemblies, put a "//reference [assembly filename]" at the top of the file // e.g. to reference the System.Data assembly, put "//reference System.Data.dll" // Add any other using statements you need after this using System; using MCGalaxy; public class CmdSendtomegs : Command { // The command's name (what you put after a slash to use this command) public override string name { get { return "Sendtomegs"; } } // Command's shortcut, can be left blank (e.g. "/Copy" has a shortcut of "c") public override string shortcut { get { return ""; } } // Which submenu this command displays in under /Help public override string type { get { return "other"; } } // Whether or not this command can be used in a museum. Block/map altering commands should return false to avoid errors. public override bool museumUsable { get { return true; } } // The default rank required to use this command. Valid values are: // LevelPermission.Guest, LevelPermission.Builder, LevelPermission.AdvBuilder, // LevelPermission.Operator, LevelPermission.Admin, LevelPermission.Owner public override LevelPermission defaultRank { get { return LevelPermission.Admin; } } // This is for when a player executes this command by doing /Sendtomegs // p is the player object for the player executing the command. // message is the arguments given to the command. (e.g. for '/Sendtomegs this', message is "this") public override void Use(Player p, string message) { Chat.GlobalMessage(".x " + message); } // This is for when a player does /Help Sendtomegs public override void Help(Player p) { p.Message("/Sendtomegs - Sends a command to megs server"); } }
  3. How do I implement global chat messages into a custom command? I use MCGalaxy
  4. Did you upload the right file (the ddl) to the right folder (root i think)?
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