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    Girlfriend mod, i love the part where she took the kids and you're left alone to question your existence
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    These are some super important guidelines to follow when making your dirt house tutorial. If your thread is found to be of low enough quality, it will be expunged with extreme prejudice. Perhaps you'll even get a temporary ban, to sate our thirst for bans. Jk we won't ban you (probably). Title Guidelines Your thread's title must describe what the tutorial is about and be about the length of a short sentence. As an example: How to make a dirt house in 3 easy steps! Once you've got the title out of the way, you must make sure to set the tags. It's not super important that you add more than one, but that one is a doozy. It must categorize what the tutorial is for. As an example, if your tutorial pertains to a particular server software, add that server software name to your tags and then set it as your Item prefix. Here's an example: Tutorial Guidelines Make sure your tutorial ticks the following boxes: Has clear, easy-to-follow steps. Descriptive descriptions. Images for clarification A point (no, "how to get OP on my server" is not a good tutorial) Good luck making tutorials!
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    I am so excited to announce this new redstone build! It's better than anything I built before, because it's Minesweeper! Yes, a fully working Minesweeper game, in ClassiCube, with only wires, sand, gravel and all the sweat I poured into it. When you start the game, the four squares in the middle will open. It's your starting point Clear out the squares until you're sure you found all the mines Press the CHECK button to check if you're right. It will show the winning screen if so. If you uncover a mine, the game will stop and show you the losing screen. Huge thanks to Rulja1234+ for wiring some stuff up and contributing to the machine! You're a great man 😉 This is what the machine looks like. Definitely smaller than my typewriter!
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    Further discussion isn’t conductive- I’m locking this thread. We do the equivalent of linking to mojang’s assets, we don’t host any of them nor do we distribute any of them with the client. Linking to an unauthenticated endpoint hosted by the creators themselves is not redistribution. Layman speculation isn’t helpful- all commercial copies of the game use entirely original assets, and any mojang assets are downloaded directly from their servers to the end-user’s computer.
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    I came back to using redstone and built a typewriter in Classicube! All the letters and numbers work, and some punctuation. It took me two days to start and finish it.
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    Well, that was a bit uncouth, wasn't it?
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    This is a online block game for children.
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    I’m sorry but this isn’t the place to complain about other servers, thank you for your (unwanted) feedback
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    I did a little photo editing and dark magic, and I was just able to cheat the system, by replacing my skin with my desired avatar then disabling the sync feature so it locks!
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    Classic64 release trailer video Classic64 is a plugin for ClassiCube which uses libsm64 to insert a playable Mario from Super Mario 64 into the game. This includes his entire set of animations, his moveset, model, sounds, textures, everything 1:1. Download here!
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    Hey all! Update for MCGalaxy has been released, adding support for remote web socket proxies. It's highly recommended that you update your server, or backport the changes if you run a custom copy, so that IP address information is accurate when we switch on the proxy for web client users. This change allows folks using the web client to continue to play the game online as browsers implement more strict security measures. You can download the latest release from Github: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/releases/tag/ If you're developing your own software that has web client support and you have questions, hop onto our Discord server to learn more: https://www.classicube.net/discord
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    I scrolled down No, I am not on your side after seeing the short rant you sent on a server. That was so rude of you and you could've kept it to yourself.
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    Finally I don't have to search for the executable and all of my games are on steam!
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    that sounds pretty sussy to me...
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    quitting this game because i didnt get my way
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    It's not me, I unshorten your link 😕
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    Pay goodly and andrewPH to marry eachother and adopt me.
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    Python is a decent choice, but it depends heavily on what you want to make
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    ( yo bro i made a launcher for your launcher, in this post! 🙂) Launcher for Croby_egg's classicube launcher _ Launch Croby_egg's classicube launcher © 2023 - Player2
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    We don’t. All versions with textures included use a texture pack made from scratch for classicube. The textures downloaded on first run when you don’t have any are downloaded directly from mojang- not from our servers.
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    Hi everybody! Myself and Turtle created a NEW minigame, called CastleWars! In short it is a combination of CTF, PVP, and PARKOUR. It REALLY fun, and I suggest you try it out! (Turtle and myself spent 2 hours straight playing the game, lol) Anyways to get started on this game go to the DeadNova server and type /castlewars to join! Cya in the game BYE Server - DeadNova Network
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    Bed and pillow experience quality tester.
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    Wow, I never knew it would end like this. Technoblade. My favorite content creator. Even though im sad, and most of you are sad also. We have to remember he is safe somewhere else, Heaven. Because, "Legends never die". and "Legends will never be missed" Keep Techno in your hearts. We love him.
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    eat people buy a girlfriend and eat her maybe a house and an epic gamer pc, advertise how cool i am on youtube, buy an M.P.P. buy a warehouse too
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    Move, learn a trade, start a new life, pay off all debts, wake up chained to a pole in Andrew's basement, invest in ShamWow, pay rent for 30 years, I don't know, save it for a rainy day and buy 100,000 umbrellas on amazon.
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    and this is real but there will be jokes and a lot of tomfoolery, so this belongs here. So! I'm making a ClassiCube minigame server on Replit called ReplGames! I need developers, moderators, builders, testers, and all the other things required to make a server... Comment here if you want to help. Attach your Discord name or email and you will be sent a Google Form. ReplGames! A new ClassiCube server!
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    this "bang" was very underwhelming
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    The steam, itch.io, and webclient versions are distributed with our own locally sourced assets. We do not redistribute any Mojang assets. The standalone client, Windows/Mac/Linux/Android, asks if you want to download them directly from Mojang servers. Redistributing them would mean that we provide their assets from our own servers, which is not occurring, as it is acquired directly from Mojang to your device.
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    If I had 10 seconds to choose I would choose "Why did I get Banned From The Discord Kid"
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    That doesn’t excuse what RedPCat said though does it?
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    I took down my Halloween decorations and put up my Christmas decorations, including a Lego wreath
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    If you want to have a job, what would it be? For me, a computer technician. I would like to learn about computers since my bro and my parents are asking to me how to do a thing on it.
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    Your IP is Hide while you still can
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    Prove AndrewPH is real by hiring private investigators
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    Donate to charity and poor I don't need money 🙂
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