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    Hey guys, I forked ClassicalSharp and added survival mode. Thus ClassiCraft has been born. So far survival is only available on PC, but I'm hoping to get it working on Android and Web as well. I'm not going to spam my site or servers, so if you're really interested in it, contact me. (Screenshot attached)
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    We all know that there are two ways of creating a overseer map in a mcgalaxy server and it requires one of the the following commands: - It Creates a 128 x 128 x 128 map (corresponds to width x height x length). - Here you can specify the size of the map. If you mess up you can always resize your map: . Moreover, you can specify an optional parameter a map theme. There are 11 "Simple" map themes, 13 "fCraft" map themes and 9 "Advanced" map themes(If requested I will go over them on another tutorial). There are several other commands I will go through: - Sets the physics on your map and the parameter level can be set from 0 to 5 as: 0 - Physics are now off. 1 - Physics are now normal. 2 - Physics are now Advanced(faster physics). 3 - Physics are now Hardcore(even faster). 4 - Physics are now Instant. 5 - Physics are now Doors-only(only doors can be opened). - Deletes your map. - Saves your map by creating a backup of your map (over time a map creates a new backup). - Restores a backup [num] of your map. - Only allows players with the rank [rank] visit your map. - Only allows players with the rank [rank] to build on your map. - Sets terrain.png for your map. - Sets texturepack.zip for your map (Provide the url download link of the texture pack here). Note: check this tutorial to learn more about Classicube texture packs and how to create them(Credit to AndrewPH): https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/dL/ Note: all these commands can be seen on a server that is using MCGalaxy recent version currently with the commands: /os map OR /help map. If you have any more questions about anything ask in the comments. And if I missed something do correct me, Thanks for reading :).
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    Username Verification is a process used to establish a player's identity on a ClassiCube server, and ensures that the player connecting is who they say they are. When running servers, it is important that you enable this feature, especially when running public servers advertised on the ClassiCube server tracker. Leaving it disabled is a major security risk, and malicious players can: Impersonate you, your administrators, and other players on the server Easily and quickly evade name-based bans Kick other players out of the server (See "Collision Kicking" below) How do I enable Username Verification? Thankfully, on most server software, username verification is enabled by default. But, if you accidentally turned it off and cannot find where the option is located, this section will help you! MCGalaxy In MCGalaxy, the name verification option can be found in Settings > Server in the section "Advanced Configuration" ProCraft In ProCraft, the name verification option can be found in the Security tab in the section "Connection" PyCCS (alpha) In PyCCS 0.1.0+, the name verification flag can be enabled by setting 'verify_names' to True when constructing the Server object # PyCCS 0.1.0+ server = Server(verify_names=True) SHAMELESS SELF-PLUG: Try this (unfinished) ClassiCube server today! It's in Alpha and can be found here Collision Kicking Mentioned previously in this post, Collision Kicking occurs when a player with the same name attempts to join a server. On certain servers, joining as someone already connected to the server will result in the player connecting first being removed from the server. With name verification, the player currently logged in will not be kicked, since the connecting player could not be verified. Without name verification, a player can be effectively banned from a server by others by repeatedly reconnecting as them to prevent them from playing on the server. How it works The server tracker employs a simple trick of cryptography in order to prove to the server that the player connecting is who they say they are. When you log into ClassiCube.net, you create a session which allows the game client to make requests on your behalf. During this session, the game client asks ClassiCube.net for a list of servers, which contains the IP to connect to, along with a string of (seemingly) random characters called the "mppass". When connecting to the server, the game client gives the server your username, and this mppass. This allows the server to verify that you are in fact logged into ClassiCube.net What is the mppass? The mppass is actually a MD5 Checksum, a string of letters that is easy to compute given the original text, but (usually) impossible given only the resulting string of characters. The original text of the mppass consists of both the username of the player connecting, and the 'salt' provided by the server to the server tracker. This salt is a random series of characters which is kept as a shared secret between the server and provider, and is never actually given to the client. # Input String (server's salt + your username) kuqL3HHSbOVkzOZRjit983D9Vw5M3zEMjshtab # Resulting mppass 8e0aa02498370cc26807df70d795fdcd When you request a list of servers from the tracker, the tracker quickly generates the mppass by putting your username at the end of that server's salt and running it through the MD5 algorithm. When you connect, the server does the same with your username and it's own salt. If the two strings match, then you are verified to be logged in to the server tracker, since the only way you could've gotten a valid mppass was through the server tracker.
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    Do you even know how to write a forum post? You organized your answers very well What is the whole point of the post, then? Just to tell everyone you don't view someone's content because of your religion? Hmm.. So you just want to tell the whole world something like this: "heY GuyS I Don'T lIkE THIs Guy'S coNTenT sO yEAh" thanks for letting all of us know something we really need and for the useful and informative post Then just don't view his content instead of starting a whole topic/thread
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    Grief their emotions Can't undo that 😔
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    ok then? whats the point in replying?
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    what you should add would be a way to navigate your way back to the classicube site. Kinda gets annoying having to press back to get back to the classicube site.
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    you might just be the smartest person on this forum
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    First you need to download and run a server software (such as MCGalaxy) You then need to find the LAN IP address of the computer hosting the server. Type ipconfig into Command Prompt. Look for IPv4 address in the output. Users connecting to the LAN server need to click Direct connect at the main menu instead of signing in. Then a user enters a username into the Usernametextbox and enters LAN IP:Server port into the IP:Port textbox. Mppass can be left blank.
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    Hello! You may have noticed that you're now being asked for a "Login Code" when you log in from a new location (or new connection), and you might be wondering what that is and why it's happening. This is called 2-factor authentication, and what that means is it requires that you prove who you are by not only using your password, but also by providing a unique random code sent to a secure location that only you should have access to. In this case, your email. That prevents somebody from logging into your account, even if they know your account password, as long as your email and email password are secured. Why am I being forced to use it?? I don't want this, my account won't ever get hacked!! This is being enabled site-wide with no option to turn it off at this time. This probably will change in the future, but I don't have a solid timeframe yet. It's been forced on because there was recently an attempted hack that exposed the fact that over 1% of the playerbase used their username as their password. Evidently the playerbase can't be trusted to use secure passwords, judging by that statistic. Anyway, hopefully this doesn't cause too much of a ruckus with any of you. If you get locked out of your account, visit us on Discord and we'll look into the issue.
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    AndrewPH sucks.
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    But... why report cheater on anarchy server that doesn't have ANY rules?
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    Hello! I want to share a story with you. Well... ClassiCube is community (I don't know about any other community like this) focused around Minecraft Classic so I think this might be interesting for some of you. Few days ago I was cleaning my old as f*** DropBox account because I needed some free space there. Removing a lot of stupid, old junk files is kinda satisfying ngnl. But then... I've found this beauty: My history with Minecraft Classic When I saw this i was about to cry. So many memories came back to my memory about people, my friends I've met in MC Classic servers, buildings, pixelarts, whole themed maps and servers I've created thanks to this software. My first approach to Minecraft Classic was in 2010 or early 2011 when I tried to join polish server called [PL]Polski Serwer z Piwnicy. If I would describe this server in a few words I would say "Pure example of freedom of speach". Like.. really, there were people arguing about God or if Adolf was right or sexual orientations, just everything. And I think that's why I stayed in there for 2 years.. because it was different than any other server back then. Besides chatting there were really talented people who could build just anything with just 32 blocks and custom blocks like portals, doors and switches (based on these 32 basic blocks) and of course building commands. First goals and achievements My goal was clear after I found out players list with ranks. There were Owner, Boge, SuperOp, Operator, Elite, Pro, AdvBuilder, Builder, Guest and custom rank worse than Banned called Kurwa (Polish insult for someone who is hated by many, or prostitue. I don't know what owner had in his mind while creating this one) and I wanted to become at least Elite by building. It was really hard.. I got only to Pro rank after a year I think. Building that allowed me to get promotion to Pro rank was Notre Dame. I've spent two weeks building this one. Just looking at my nickname in Players List after "Pro: " was awesome feeling. Becoming an Admin Some time later, there was competition organized by owner. He wanted to get three more Operators because old staff was no longer so active on the server. The competition consisted in the selection of three regular players by the owner and asking few questions about how op should behave in some situation and about available administrator commands. Luckily, I was chosen for this competition and passed the owner's test. Becoming Operator was whole new experience. My new favorite thing to do was server patrolling after school. I really loved /xban command back then. Undoing, banning nickname, banning IP and kicking in once. The ability to promote players or rejecting their request for promotion was also really cool. My own server After few months this server became empty. Owner didn't care about it anymore so I guess it was inevitable. I made decision to make my own polish Classic server with MCForge on that exact version from the screenshot above. And again - completely new experience. A lot to configure, a lot to build and a lot to think about. I had to make sensible and comfortable rules for administration and players, attract players, build spawn, make ranks and take care of permissions, etc. My server was called [PL]Polski Serwer MWTRealm! and had similar policy to the server I told about earlier. Main difference was server economy (in-game currency for purchasing some ranks and your own map) and many building contests. That attracted a lot of people back then. Even old Piwnica's Staff joined my server. It was so much fun to run Classic server. I made a lot of new friends, new experiences and great memories. The last months of Classic Later, Classic was in its last months of official support from Mojang. At that state it was just forgotten and overwhelmed by Minecraft Full (Java Edition). To this day I have only some reminders about that great times in the form of MCForge build and source code which is still available on github and a couple of screenshots. I feel a lot better after writing this. Woah. So now... If you have your own story and want to share it with me, with us just write it below 😉 And thanks for reading! (And sorry for my grammar and babble. Hope it's not that bad!) Some screenshots:
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    It's the 5g towers I tell ya.
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    The actual hell is this?
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    There are a collection of plugins for client-side (can't be used on webclient) here. There's also a few more client-side plugins with their own repositories: CEF and More Models. You can find a list of plugins for MCGalaxy here. CEF allows you to view web browser pages in-game, primarily to allow watching videos together. It only works in multiplayer if you are playing on an MCGalaxy server. More Models adds a bunch of new models to the game, for use with /model (MCGalaxy command).
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    if you only knew what goes into making software like this, the only thing "special" about them would be the rate they decrease your will to live
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    gotta have some mighty veins to use the lord's name intravenously
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    Multiple people in ClassiCube community have also had luck with creating a temporary server via ngrok.
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    Hi everyone, The reason I want to post this is because I felt sad that the Classic Minecraft won't exist on minecraft.net anymore, and also I want to say why I started playing ClassiCube. How did I start playing CC? I searched "Free Minecraft" on Google, and there popped up many things, because I watched the mother fucking premium streams, and then... I saw ClassiCube, which is free. Because that time I don't want to spend money 😄 Then, this is how it worked out: I registered a account, but who knew that this is classic, even I have been played Classic Minecraft before, but who'd know, this custom Minecraft got a lot bugs fixed? After the Minecraft.net server list was removed, I've never been played any other Sandbox games... I tried play Minecraft on classic.minecraft.net , but there wasn't any more commands, I can't play Multiplayer anymore, I loved multiplayer servers, they have ranks, and a lots of stuff. How do I feel now? I feel great, but I still bought premium Minecraft, cause I just want to play Hypixel Mini games 😄 but still thank you ClassiCube for saving Classic Minecraft, I hope you staffs can keep it and make it even better
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    Real life is a great alternative to Roblox, I must say.
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    I've made it so anybody that is a Glod Menbie or above (so Glods, Mods, and Admins) can choose to upload their own profile picture on the forums. As an example, I've made my pfp the extremely handsome Yoda from the hit game Yoda Stories, critically acclaimed for its music, gameplay, and graphics. Glod Menbie is an automatic rank based on how long you've had an account with ClassiCube, if you ask for the rank you'll get temporarily banned.
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    obvious note for the kiddos out there: don't give anybody your password.
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    You are retarded. this is 2c2t.. an anarchy server. BRRRRUH my asshole burnSSSS!
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    Honestly if people just follow the rules there were no problems
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    tell her you know "andrew ph" from classicube
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    The City Project We started off as Real-Life Roleplay Server on ClassiCube by Kingmb. Eventually, the server was renamed to The City Project with Pear and Kingmb at the helm. Major development occurred on the ClassiCube server driven by Pear's and Kingmb's effort. The Minecraft server was developed at first by Pear as a spinoff for a project but eventually separated from the now-defunct project to join its sister server on ClassiCube right here, where it's officially recognized as The City Project. The City Project is a gaming community focused on Minecraft and ClassiCube servers that are based on building your own world with jobs, politics, and many more opportunities. Players decide where they want to live in, who they want to work for, which party they want to vote for, and how they live and survive. There is no limit to possibilities, the only limit is you. Create your own future today. TL;DR We're that Real-Life Roleplay Server that shut down a while ago for unspecified reasons and we're back. You can visit our ClassiCube server by logging into your client and find the obviously named "The City Project" server on the list. Please keep in mind that the server is still in beta, so not everything is finished (including the city too). *slightly strong computer may be required as the map is large. We're available on... Internet: https://cityproject.online IRC: #cityproject @ irc.fadeless.co Discord: https://discord.io/cityproject (best way to contact us) CC Forum Club: https://f.classicube.net/index.php?/clubs/2-the-city-project/ (best way to contact us) Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/thecityproject Special thanks to... Kingmb - For helping me with co-owning TCP. VenkSociety -Ggreat builder Eddynetweb - For hosting our previous server Chris - For hosting all our stuff and helping with technical issues @123DontMessWitMe - For letting us modify his texture pack and solving some problems on the original RLRP server @AndrewPH - For featuring our server after we built you a Hardee's.
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    classicube is written from scratch, it's not a modification of minecraft classic. we can't distribute old versions of minecraft in good conscience. as such, there are no old versions of classicube with more/different stuff, it's all incremental upgrades to recreate one specific version of mc classic.
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    newsflash the world doesn't conform to one persons ideals, sometimes you just gotta let it go and move on thanks for your opinion, I'll file it under "T"
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    I am cubed that you're even asking this question.
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    10 Haunting Photos taken moments before disaster
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    i will make sure you are reduced to nothing but a brick in the sidewalk
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    These are some super important guidelines to follow when making your dirt house tutorial. If your thread is found to be of low enough quality, it will be expunged with extreme prejudice. Perhaps you'll even get a temporary ban, to sate our thirst for bans. Jk we won't ban you (probably). Title Guidelines Your thread's title must describe what the tutorial is about and be about the length of a short sentence. As an example: How to make a dirt house in 3 easy steps! Once you've got the title out of the way, you must make sure to set the tags. It's not super important that you add more than one, but that one is a doozy. It must categorize what the tutorial is for. As an example, if your tutorial pertains to a particular server software, add that server software name to your tags and then set it as your Item prefix. Here's an example: Tutorial Guidelines Make sure your tutorial ticks the following boxes: Has clear, easy-to-follow steps. Descriptive descriptions. Images for clarification A point (no, "how to get OP on my server" is not a good tutorial) Good luck making tutorials!
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