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    These are some super important guidelines to follow when making your dirt house tutorial. If your thread is found to be of low enough quality, it will be expunged with extreme prejudice. Perhaps you'll even get a temporary ban, to sate our thirst for bans. Jk we won't ban you (probably). Title Guidelines Your thread's title must describe what the tutorial is about and be about the length of a short sentence. As an example: How to make a dirt house in 3 easy steps! Once you've got the title out of the way, you must make sure to set the tags. It's not super important that you add more than one, but that one is a doozy. It must categorize what the tutorial is for. As an example, if your tutorial pertains to a particular server software, add that server software name to your tags and then set it as your Item prefix. Here's an example: Tutorial Guidelines Make sure your tutorial ticks the following boxes: Has clear, easy-to-follow steps. Descriptive descriptions. Images for clarification A point (no, "how to get OP on my server" is not a good tutorial) Good luck making tutorials!
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    Happy Pride Month! Decided to give a little bit of a out showing for our community for Pride Month, the reason why it is in this topic is because no other topic would have correctly fitted a criteria. Anyways It's been another amazing month for celebrating all things LGBTQ+, and I couldn’t be more excited to take part in the festivities that will be going on this year. From parades to picnics, there are so many ways that people can join together this June to show their pride and make everyone feel included. From our small towns to big cities, Pride Month has been a time for all of us to come out and celebrate our identities whether you’re marching in a parade or just proudly flaunting your rainbow flag outside your house, the LGBTQ+ community is making its presence known this month and I couldn't be more excited. So again Happy Pride Month, God bless you all
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    This tutorial shows you how to set up a server running MCGalaxy to allow players to connect from BetaCraft, or other services. NOTE: BETACRAFT SERVER LIST IS CURRENTLY ON FREEZE DUE TO RECENT SCRIPT KIDDIE ATTACKS. Step 1. Open up server.properties inside the properties folder, and under "Other settings" you should find a variable called "HeartbeatURL". Step 2. Change HeartbeatURL to http://www.classicube.net/heartbeat.jsp,https://betacraft.uk/heartbeat.jsp After doing that, the following area should look like this. Step 3. Save the file, and do /server reload to generate the necessary configuration. Step 4 (MCGalaxy Open up authservices.properties inside the properties folder, and look for a line that says URL = http://www.classicube.net/heartbeat.jsp Under it change name-suffix = to name-suffix = + And under URL = https://betacraft.uk/heartbeat.jsp change skin-prefix = to skin-prefix = https://minotar.net/skin/ (MCGalaxy along side changing mojang-auth = false to mojang-auth = true The file should now look like this. Doing these changes allows the server to know and properly store player info for each player on each authentication service, and allows ClassiCube players to see Minecraft player skins. Step 5. Save the file and do /server reload, and wait for a while. Step 6. Check both of the server lists if your server is listed. Step 7. Join the server using the same username on both BetaCraft and ClassiCube to see if everything works.
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    I don't feel like playing Classicube anymore, i don't feel welcome here. Good bye.
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    im gonna play a game that actaully has class like MineCraft... oh wait, i cant on a chromebook
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    Hopefully Classicube isnt AI generated
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    sudo apt update sudo apt install mono-complete unzip mkdir MCGalaxy cd MCGalaxy wget https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy/releases/download/ unzip mcgalaxy_1.9.4.9.zip screen -S server (optionally) mono MCGalaxyCLI.exe
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    Do not install any plugins written by goldberg. They are known to install malicious plugins that give them backdoor permissions to mess up the server. Goldberg is also known as PurpleDragon and JustinDupa
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    Hello! This is a list on name-related commands in servers running MCGalaxy. They allow you to manipulate your name in cool ways. Notes before I go into the list: - Arguments are surrounded in [brackets]. You don't need to place the actual brackets when you do a command. - The commands I showcase are mostly MCGalaxy commands, although they might exist in other servers using different software than the aforementioned. - I use "argument" and "parameter" interchangably here. Don't get tripped up by this -- they mean pretty much the same thing. - Most of these commands by default are only usable by players who have the Operator and above ranks, though most servers have them set lower (usually member). /Colors The /Colors command outputs a list of colors that you can use to color your name. Here is what it outputs on a default MCGalaxy server: /Color The /Color command allows you to change the color of your whole name. The arguments for this command are [player] and (in that order), but you can use /XColor to apply it to yourself automatically. You can also do just /XColor or /Color -own (the -own parameter is what places your own name without the need of typing it yourself) to remove your color. That resets your color to your rank's color. Here is an example of what it does: /Title The /Title command places a "title" before your name every time you chat. A title is a string of text surrounded by brackets, and it usually goes before your name. Like with /Color, the arguments are [player] and [title] (again, in that order), but you can do just /XTitle [title] to apply it to yourself. Here is an example of what it does: /TColor The /TColor command is similar to the /Color command, except we can apply it to the inside of our title instead. It's a bit redundant to explain what the /Color command does again, because /TColor has the same parameters as /Color does. Here is an example of what it does: /Nick The /Nick command allows you to give yourself an alias of sorts. The arguments for this command are [player] and [nick], and you can add multiple colors to your nickname. This comes with a caveat, though -- only Admins can change player's nicknames. This permission is to mostly prevent impersonation, as some players are gullible and might mistake them for "the real deal". As with every other command, this one has a /X- variant too: /XNick [nick] Here's an example of what it does: /ShortName (plugin) The /ShortName plugin command allows you to make your nickname shorter. The arguments for this command is just [new name]. This also lets you add multiple colors to your name, just like with /Nick. Here is an example of what the command looks like when you're typing a chat message: Thank you for reading through this forum post! I hope you learned a thing or two out of this post! 😄
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    Every month is straight people month. You're not being attacked. You have all the rights that everybody else has. You have nothing to parade for. That's why there isn't a straight month. but you're free to start one. If you don't like pride parades etc., just don't attend. The fact that there are still people thinking like you, shows that there's still a need for pride month. I'm neither gay or religious and I'm not going to any church. What makes you think the theology in your church doesn't suck? With all the religions that exist, it's quite arrogant and illogical to think that exactly your religion and your way of following it, is the one and only correct one.
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    Schools are getting better at blocking game sites so the kids stop wasting taxpayer money playing off-brand minecraft
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    "usually" so you're implying some of these sightings are not fake?
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    usually I see toddlers getting called cute but I've never seen it the other way around
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    Not Awesome 2 [Realms and More]'s gun game
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    NOTE: THIS TEXTURE PACK IS OUTDATED GO HERE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Zoey's Classicful-32x is a (Unofficial) fan-made spin-off of the iconic Minecraft Faithful 32x pack series texture pack for Classicube, it enhances Classicube's default texture pack to be upscaled to 32 pixels in scale (This texture pack takes on the modern pre-1.14 style vattic style textures so some or most blocks look modern despite it being alpha textures, sorry about that). Examples of the many textures: Theres also a another version of this texture pack called Mo' Blocks Version/"Server Friendly" Version which is for servers, it has more block textures and it is allowed for to be modified to the server's needs, However it cannot be released outside servers and/or credit as their own. Downloads: Normal Version: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/rdw6aradxuvlkqr/Zoey'sClassicful-32x.zip Mo' Blocks Version/"Server Friendly" Version; https://dl.dropbox.com/s/bjkrk3ennhtjkb7/ZF32xS-FVer.zip Notes: You're allowed to use this texture pack for Servers, Maps for minigames, and Making 32x texture packs with these as long as you credit me and other people who has made the textures. (like how i made the magma or crate textures) ❤️ If theres any bugs or fixes I should sort out and iron out, feel free to dm me! Do make sure to check out the link if you want to borrow the textures from here and check out here for guidelines on usage of other faithful textures: https://web.archive.org/web/20150607220656/http://www.minecraftforum.net:80/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1223254-faithful-32x32-pack-update-red-cat-clay-1-8 (Note: Do make sure to ask the creators of the grass top, gravel and ice textures for use, credited in the 1credits.txt zip file. - Z
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